Renovation Works of New Headquarters for the Construction Industry Council

  • Renovation Works of New Headquarters for the Construction Industry Council

  • To paperless from notice board and circulation message, TV wall located at reception area to show the news and notices

  • Dimmable LED panel controlled by motion sensor and day light sensor for the energy saving purpose

  • Dimmable LED panel controlled by motion sensor and day light sensor for the energy saving purpose

  • Motorized shades automatically adjusted by sunlight to enhance indoor environmental quality.

  • Energy monitoring summary

  • Hot desk provided for the feasible working environment

  • Green Wall in pantry

  • Recycle bin located in pantry to collect recyclable material

  • Staff pantry with multi-purpose function

  • Mother Case & Rest Room

  • Phone Booth for private call


分    創新

The new CIC headquarters is a premise with the provision of the bare shell condition. Raised floor system and A/C system are installed as the provisional facilities.  The facilities setting of the new CIC headquarters shall consist of workstations for various management and departments to accommodate around 110 staff, a reception area, a conference room, meeting rooms, a central mailing room, a pantry with multi-function purpose, lavatories, mother care room and other office ancillary facilities.


1. Comfort Indoor Environment

  • Provision of 5m2 green wall in pantry area to provide a visual comfort and relax environment.
  • Ascertaining Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) in Excellent Class.
  • Provision of independent exhaust form printing rooms to exhaust pollutant sources existed.
  • Provision of an ascertain thermal comfort by zoning and thermostat control, occupancy sensor, control of blinds by daylight sensor and provisions of openable windows for mixed mode/natural ventilation.
  • Designing workstation layout to allow over 80% of them has a direct line of sight to external vision glazing.

2. Lighting, MVAC Control and Energy Monitoring System

  • Lighting and MVAC system controlled by zoning, daylight dimming control, occupancy sensors, task light, iPad interface to all lightings and MVAC.
  • Provisions of digital Real Time Energy Use Display to metering and monitoring for electrical and MVAC systems.
  • Designing workstation layout to allow over 85% of them has a natural light luminance level of 100 lux and color rendering index of 80.
  • Upkeep office temperature around 23.5 oC~ 25.5 oC to provide a comfort working space to staff.

3. Use of Material and Recycle

  • Office furniture is reused from salvaged furniture and partitions.
  • Flooring, internal wall and door material are made from recycled materials with EMS certification and ceiling materials are manufactured locally with EMS certification.
  • Waste recycle facilities are provide for cans, plastic, paper, glass, and rechargeable battery in office area.

4. Water Use

  • Water efficient fixtures had been installed to achieve 42% reduction of annual potable water consumption. Dual flush water closet and sensor type urinal are also installed to achieve 10.5% reduction of annual sewage discharge. Water dispensers instead of bottled water are provided for the Project.


竣工年份 2016
層樓 2
單位數目 Whole floor of 38/F and Units A, B and C of 39/F
室內樓面面積 (IFA) (平方米) 1427 (including 1,095 m2 for 38/F and 332 m2 for 39/F)
類別 辦公室


項目持有人/發展商 建造業議會
項目經理 建造業議會
室內設計師 P.P.2 Design Limited
承建商 啟發裝修設計有限公司
可持續設計顧問 豐能顧問有限公司
聲學顧問 豐能顧問有限公司
設施管理經理 建造業議會


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