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新建建築 1.2版


The proposed development is located at Wan O Road, Tseung Kwan O. It comprised four numbers residential towers which are 45, 46, 47 and 49 storey height, one 2-storey clubhouse and 2-storey basement car park. There are 2172 residential units in the development. Various measures are proposed to mitigate existing adverse environmental conditions to achieve a comfortable environment.


Site Aspects

  • The design of the site 100% fulfills the Urban Design Guidelines presented in Chapter 11 of the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines published by Planning Department. The site concerns not only the total visual effect of building masses but also connection with people and places.
  • Conduct Ecological impact assessment to assess the impact on habitat
  • 30% of site area are covered with greenery

Materials Aspects

  • Adapt non-CFC based refrigerants and building fabric
  • 25.8% of building materials were manufactured within 800km from the site to reduce the environmental impacts arising from transportation

Energy Use

  • Adapt high-COP AC equipment & lift system
  • Over 17% energy saving is achieved compare with BEC statutory requirement
  • Independent commissioning authority was engaged during the testing and commissioning process to ensure the design intent and environmental performance are achieved

Water Use

  • Use water-efficient sanitary fittings & electrical appliances
  • Reduce annual water consumption by 30%
  • Reduce annual effluent discharge by 50%

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Achieved “Good Glass” IAQ objectives at Clubhouse
  • Adequate ventilation is provided in common areas to maintain comfort level
  • 3 different division in Barrier Free Access 2008 to enable persons with disability to make full use of the basic facilities in a building without assistance and undue difficulties

Innovations and Additions

  • Car park spaces are equipped with EV chargers
  • Twin tank provision for both potable water and flushing water


竣工年份 2018
樓宇數目 4
樓層數目 Tower 1A & 1B (45), Tower 2A & 2B (46), Tower 3A & 3B (47), Tower 5A & 5B (49)
類別 住宅


項目發展商/持有人 寳殷有限公司
項目經理 新鴻基地產發展有限公司
建築師 呂元祥建築師事務所
園境設計師 新鴻基建築設計有限公司
機電工程師 新鴻基建築設計有限公司
土木及結構工程師 奧雅納工程顧問香港有限公司
外牆顧問 匯駿企業顧問有限公司
承建商 怡輝建築有限公司
工料測量師 威寧謝香港有限公司
可持續設計顧問 英環香港有限公司
環保顧問 英環香港有限公司
聲學顧問 康冠偉顧問有限公司
設施管理經理 香港鐵路有限公司

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