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新建建築 1.2版


MONTEREY, a high-end residential property with retail elements developed by Wheelock Properties, represents Wheelock’s commitment to quality living through holistic design. It is the “grand finale” of WPL’s “O’South” portfolio of high-end residential and retail mixed-use properties in the south of Tseung Kwan O.

The development comprises 926 apartments with a wide range of layout configurations from studio to 4-bedroom units, measuring between 260 and 2,004 saleable square feet. The majority of units are 2- and 3-bedroom, as well as 4-bedroom and special units.

MONTEREY, represents Wheelock’s commitment to quality living through holistic design. MONTEREY plays a key role in transforming the relatively old and inactive neighbourhood of southern Tseung Kwan O into a future-proof hub of residential, retail and lifestyle activity. This is not only achieved through the building’s design, but also connectivity with other Wheelock properties in the area and upcoming public and private investments.


Site Aspects

  • Achieved over 90% of the Urban Design Guidelines sub-items
  • Conduct Ecological impact assessment to assess the impact on habitat
  • 30% of site area are covered with greenery

Materials Aspects

  • Over 60% of timber are supplied from sustainable source
  • Adapt non-CFC based refrigerants and building fabric
  • Over 30% of recycling rate is achieved for construction

Energy Use

  • Adapt high-COP AC equipment & lift system
  • 15% energy saving is achieved compare with BEC statutory requirement
  • Independent commissioning authority was engaged during the testing and commissioning process to ensure the design intent and environmental performance are achieved

Water Use

  • Use water-efficient sanitary fittings & electrical appliances
  • Reduce annual water consumption by 30%
  • Reduce annual effluent discharge by 40%

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Achieved “Good Glass” IAQ objectives at Clubhouse
  • Equip with gondola system for maintenance
  • Adequate ventilation is provided in common areas to maintain comfort level

Innovations and Additions

  • Over 80% of cement used for construction are green-cement concrete
  • Twin tank provision for both potable water and flushing water


竣工年份 2018
樓宇數目 8 Towers (T1 to T9) and 22 Villas
樓層數目 Towers - 2 Floors for Commercial & 9 to 15 Floors for Residential;
Villas - 2 Floors for Residential
類別 住宅


項目持有人/發展商 Precise Treasure Limited
項目經理 會德豐地產(香港)有限公司
建築師 胡周黃建築設計(國際)有限公司
園境設計師 雅博奧頓國際設計有限公司
機電工程師 邁進機電工程顧問有限公司
土木及結構工程師 艾奕康有限公司
工料測量師 威寧謝香港有限公司
可持續設計顧問 英環香港有限公司

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