Mount Nicholson

  • 室內游泳池池冚

  • 環保回收箱及廚餘機

  • 太陽能滅蚊機

既有建築2.0版 (自選評估計劃)



Mount Nicholson is a luxurious residential development in Hong Kong with 19 houses and 48 apartment units embracing the breathtaking Victoria Harbour view. With its distinctive location at The Peak, Mount Nicholson serves a unique group of customers who are of high demand on first-class services and exquisite environment and furnishings. Mount Nicholson is committed to upholding high standards of sustainability with an objective to build a greener environment. Apart from implementation of waste management in daily operations, devices with high energy efficiency including LED lighting, VRV air conditioning system, solar energy irrigation system etc, have been adopted to enhance the energy performance of the property. Furthermore, a Green Committee is established to review green practices implemented at the property on a regular basis and encourage participation in green programmes, as well as promote green living to the residents.



  • 節約能源及用水措施:
    - 發光二極管;
    - 太陽能淋花系統;
    - 可變制冷空調系統;
    - 太陽能照明系統;
    - 太陽能滅蚊機;
    - 電動車輛;
    - 紅外線水龍頭;
    - 紅外線沖廁水系統;
    - 室內游泳池池冚;
    - 環保回收箱;
    - 廚餘機。


樓宇數目 23
樓層數目 12
類別 住宅


項目持有人/發展商 顥領有限公司
項目經理 會德豐地產
建築師 王歐陽 (香港) 有限公司
園境設計師 吳振麒
機電工程師 巴馬丹拿機電工程顧問有限公司
土木及結構工程師 黃志明建築工程師有限公司
承建商 金門建築有限公司
工料測量師 Langdon Seah
可持續設計顧問 沛然環境評估工程顧問有限公司
環保顧問 吳振麒園境規劃師事務所有限公司
設施管理經理 Mount Nicholson Property Management Limited

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