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  • Main lobby

  • Main lobby

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  • Roof garden

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新建建築 1.2版


Prominently positioned at the crossroad between Wong Chuk Hang Road and Ap Lei Chau Bridge, the 28-storey Grade-A office tower is envisioned as an iconic landmark representing the local business district’s promising future.  The simple and graceful massing of the building is encapsulated by an articulated curtain wall that is light, elegant and transparent.

The spacious and inviting ground floor entrance lobby is bounded by Wong Chuk Hang Road to the north and Heung Yip Road to the south, bringing vibrancy and connectivity to the street level.

In view of the planned MTR South Island Line Station in the proximity of the site, it is anticipated that major pedestrian circulation would be coming from Heung Yip Road from the MTR Station approx. 500m from the Project Site.  While pedestrian taking buses can use the entrance via Wong Chuk Hang Road.  The pedestrian can access the entrance lobby without passing the vehicular entrance which is to the West of the pedestrian entrance.  The design and layout of the G/F entrance lobby and run-in/out therefore improves the circulation routes for pedestrian between the two roads.

The building is set back from both Wong Chuk Hang Road and Heung Yip road to widen the pedestrian footpath and enhance the streetscape.  The set-back from Heung Yip Road enhances the visual corridor for pedestrian to observe vehicular movement in and out of the Site.  The set-back along Wong Chuk Hang Road also increases growing space for the 11 nos. of existing pavement trees.


Site Aspects

  • Greenery coverage is over 30% of site area and 40% of roof.
  • Comfortable microclimate condition is provided at pedestrian level by the optimized building design.
  • Environmental management system was implemented during construction stage.
  • Great integration on site planning and building design.

Energy Use

  • Effective measures are adopted to minimize the estimated energy consumption and peak demand electricity by 33% and 23% lower than BEAM Plus baseline respectively.
  • Energy saving lighting system is adopted to achieve a lighting power density (LPD) lower than EMSD’s requirements.
  • Life cycle assessment was carried out to minimize the embodied energy in major building structure elements.

Materials Aspects

  • Over 70% of timber adopted is from sustainable source.
  • Recycled materials for interior components are more than 18%.
  • More than 60% of construction waste was recycled.

Water Use

  • Water saving sanitary fixtures are adopted to achieve the estimated annual water saving by more than 30% lower than the BEAM Plus baseline.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Heathy orientated design is adopted to control indoor air, lighting and acoustic quality at well accepted levels.
  • User-friendly amenity features such as Wi-fi at main lobby are provided for the benefits of building users.

Innovations and Additions

  • All parking spaces are provided with EV charging facilities in which 6 nos. of medium chargers are available for the building users.
  • Electronic Project Management (ePM) system is adopted to reduce the estimated CO2 emission and paper use by 200,000 pounds and 11 tons respectively.
  • Twin-tank arrangement is adopted for potable and flushing water which can minimize the interruption of water supply during cleaning and maintenance of tanks.

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