NKIL6556 甲級商廈及零售商場發展項目

  • All renderings shown are for illustration purpose only

  • All renderings shown are for illustration purpose only

  • All renderings shown are for illustration purpose only

Grade A Office & Retail development at NKIL 6556 (“Kai Tak Project”) is located at the heart of former Kai Tak airport site, occupying approximately 1.7 hectares of land and a gross floor area of up to 177,670 m2. Nan Fung’s vision of Kai Tak Project is to create a people-oriented environment, social inclusive community with exemplar environmental performance. Our team has developed the Sustainability Development Framework – CO6 Metrics for this project.  The CO6 Metrics includes: 

  • COmmunity Hub Creation,
  • COmfortable & Healthy Environment,
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) Reduction,
  • COnspicuous Performance & Consumption
  • COst Effective Smart Technology.


Community Aspects

  • Incorporate education programme, extensive soft landscape and multipurpose exercise area into the development as part of the sustainable lifestyle strategy.
  • Reinforce local character by integrating aviation element into the development, which also recall the collective memory of old Hong Kong airport.

Site Aspects

  • Open space, greenspace and blue assets will be provided with convenient and shaded pedestrian access for public use.
  • Easy access to public transport with public transport terminus within the development, to be connected via nearby pedestrian network.

Materials and Waste Aspects

  • On-site waste recycling station with automated refuse collection system and a food waste composter dedicated to separation, collection and storage of recyclable materials and fixtures.

Energy Aspect

  • Connect to the Kai Tak District Cooling System, which provide the development with a reliable supply of cooling at a greater efficiency
  • Install on-site renewable energy system, which offsetting at least 0.5% of total building energy and 100% of external lighting installed onsite

Water Aspect

  • Provide extensive soft landscaped area and contribute to 30% of site area
  • Harvest rainwater from site to reduce over 70% of the irrigation demand

Outdoor Environmental Quality

  • Provide passive open spaces with thermal comfort and covered pedestrian routes with outdoor sitting
  • Reduce urban heat island effect with extensive landscape and the building form is designed to improve local ventilation

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