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  • Twins Tower

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新建建築 1.1版


「曉珀」乃「恒基兆業地產集團(恒基)」旗下「The H Collection」精品式住宅物業系列中的一員,代表「恒基」用心結合功能與新式都市生活美學,為社區帶來一番新景象。項目座落九龍交通樞紐中心,可飽覽警察體育遊樂會及鄰近一帶之青蔥翠綠景色;花墟及旺角購物街亦近在咫尺,休閒玩樂應有盡有。



Site Aspects (SA)

  • Convenient and frequent transportation with a variety of buses and MTR station within 50m walking distance
  • Convenience of surrounding basic services
  • Proximity to recreational facilities
  • Systematic environmental management plan and environmental monitoring
  • No deprivation of daylight for neighbouring buildings
  • Selection of quiet building equipment
  • Exterior lighting design to minimize light pollution

Materials Aspects (MA)

  • Zero use of virgin forest products for temporary works
  • Zero use of CFC-based refrigerants, ozone-depleting substance in insulation
  • Use of modular and standardized design

Energy Use (EU)

  • Reduction of energy consumption by 18.8%
  • VRV and Split type with high COP
  • Glazing with low shading coefficient
  • Life cycle assessment adopted in the determination of embodied energy
  • Major façade faces NNE to minimize solar heat gain
  • Carpark ventilation uses 38.5% less electricity than baseline
  • Energy efficient lighting in carpark reduces consumption by 29.8%
  • Energy efficient appliances

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • Enhanced security and hygiene
  • Provision of waste disposal and recycling facilities
  • Good class IAQ
  • IAQ in carpark
  • Thermal comfort
  • Natural ventilation and lighting
  • Adequate mechanical ventilation
  • Interior lighting
  • Vibration control for building systems
  • Provisions for improved access for disabled persons
  • Amenity features for building users and O&M

Water Use (WU)

  • Water reduction of 36.49%
  • Effluent discharge reduction of 48.78%
  • Water efficient appliances which use 37.3% less water than baseline

Innovations and Additions (IA)

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger
  • Twin water tanks


樓宇數目 1
樓層數目 32
類別 住宅


項目持有人/發展商 恒基兆業地產有限公司
項目經理 恒基地產代理有限公司
建築師 李景勳、雷煥庭建築師有限公司
園境設計師 雅邦規劃設計有限公司
機電工程師 湯瑪士顧問工程有限公司
外牆顧問 艾奕康有限公司
工料測量師 恒基地產代理有限公司
可持續設計顧問 CO2nnsulting Limited
結構工程師 鄭育麟顧問工程師有限公司
建築設計師 歐華爾顧問有限公司
室內設計師 思聯建築設計有限公司
燈光設計師 Lightlinks International Limited


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