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Nan Fung Tower, a Grade A commercial building in Central, is managed by Nan Fung Property Management. Nan Fung Tower endeavours to be more environmental friendly through green initiatives including installation of a variable speed drive (VSD) screw type chiller, variable-voltage/variable-frequency (VVVF) chilled water pump and replacement of T8 fluorescent tubes to LED tubes. Also, low-e-glass and solar film are adopted for the curtain wall system to mitigate the heat transmitted from / to the building envelope.



Energy Efficiency

  • New chiller system - To further reduce electricity consumption and carbon emission, Nan Fung Tower replaces a variable speed drive screw
  • VVVF chiller pump -Replacement of the current star-delta starter to a new VSD motors starter for the chilled water pump system has achieved better energy performance in overall
  • Lighting – Adoption of the Day/Night Mode System, installation of dimmable motion sensors at staircases and replacement of all T8 fluorescent lamps with LED lighting
  • Low-e-glass and Solar film - Applied in the curtain wall system to mitigate the heat transmitted from/to the building envelope for achieving energy saving purpose

Water Conservation

  • Water-saving sensible water faucet and dual flushing cistern – Installed at all toilets in order to save fresh and flushing water
  • Water Leakage Detection System - Installation of the system with automatic water cut off valve at high-risk leakage area for preventing wastage from water leakage

 Waste Reduction

  • Recycling services to tenants – including papers, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles and rechargeable battery, etc.
  • Reuse of festival and promotional decorations – Sharing of the used festival and promotional decorations with other properties
  • Upcycling Decoration – Using the recycled / reused materials with local artist’s knotting skills and creativity to weave a vivid festival pattern for display at the Mall’s entrance


樓宇數目 1
樓層數目 27
類別 商業


項目持有人/發展商 i) Century Wealth Development Limited;
ii) Unishine Development Limited;
iii) In-Town Limited
設施管理經理 New Charm Management Limited
室內空氣質素認證顧問 Acoustics and Air Testing Laboratory Co. Ltd.

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