39 King’s Road

新建建築 1.2版


Located at the intersection of Tsing Fung Street and King's Road, Hong Kong, 39 King's Road is a silver-rated office development. Spanning 23 floors with a total GFA of approximately 28,000 ft2, it prioritizes people's needs. The design incorporates a view corridor that preserves unobstructed view access. The architecture possesses a timeless and distinctive quality, minimizing the need for future design alterations and promoting material conservation.



  • Provide a comfortable microclimate condition on pedestrian level. No pedestrian area is subject to excessive wind velocity nor air stagnation due to building layout

  • Apply environmental management system starting from foundation until building completion including various dust, noise, and waste water pollution control

  • Roof area is covered by highly reflective materials and green roof with less solar heat absorption


  • Use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber for construction works

  • Non-CFC&HCFC based refrigerants were selected in refrigeration system

  • No ozone depleting substances (ODPs) were involved in the manufacture, composition or use of any thermal insulation and refrigeration systems used in the building.


  • Electricity used to power is reduced by an average of 9.3% compared with the baseline.


  • Installation of water efficient fixtures including faucets, showers, water closet and urinal to reduce annual potable water and flushing water consumption by 74% and 55% respectively


  • Provision of adequate filtration media and fresh air ventilation supply to achieve Excellent IAQ standard

  • Ensure building envelope and building service system designs to achieve optimum acoustic performance


  • Additional high SRI tile was applied to the roof area to mitigate elevated temperatures.


竣工年份 2022
樓宇數目 1
樓層數目 23層
類別 商業
總佔地面積 170.7 平方米


Developer Union Sheen Development Ltd.
Project Manager Henderson Land Development Company Limited.
Architect Michael Chiang & Associates Architects Ltd.
Sustainable Design Consultant BeeXergy Consulting Limited
M&E Engineer Leading Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor Arcadis
Façade Consultant Ginca Construction Company Limited
Main Contractor Win Lee Building Engineering Ltd.

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