Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

  • The buildings integrated with surrounding environment

  • On-site Food Waste Decomposition System

  • More than 30% of the overall site is covered with green

  • More than 30% of the overall site is covered with green

  • More than 30% of the overall site is covered with green

  • More than 30% of the overall site is covered with green

  • Powerful Chipper Shredder

  • Efficient Electrical

  • Efficient Electrical

新建建築 1.1版


The Hong Kong Tennis & Golf Academy (HKGTA) is a Golf & Tennis Academy Ancillary Overnight Accommodation located in Pak Kong, Sai Kung with site area of 76,200 m2. There are six ancillary overnight accommodation comprising six numbers of 3-storey Overnight Accommodations Blocks, a Golf & tennis academy comprising a 2-storey Sports Complex and a 3-storey Driving Range.

HKGTA is the first sports academy in the world that offers both the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf and Bruguera Tennis Academy under one roof, and the first Bruguera Tennis Academy outside Barcelona, Spain. HKGTA also aims to offer a holistic approach to wellness, beyond just golf and tennis training, to balance both physical and mental well-being.


Site Aspects

  • Enhanced green landscaping design with 33% green coverage of the total site area.
  • Optimised architectural design to blend in the existing environment and preserve and enhance the surrounding air and wind environment.
  • Minimized heat island effect by reducing the heat absorbed from the building façade with applying high solar reflective roofing materials.
  • Implementation of green construction to particularly reduce on-site construction waste, dust, noise and site effluent.

Materials Aspects

  • Deliberate selection of building equipment and material that can reduce environmental pollution to the community and minimize both regional and global impacts on materials exploitation and ozone layer depletion.
  • Separate storage for metal, plastic, paper, cardboard and glass bottles to facilitate downstream resources recovery and recycling.

Energy Use

  • Use of high performance building services system contributes to >29% of reduction in annual energy consumption, hence reduce >2,000 tonne of CO2 emission.
  • Use of energy efficient electrical appliances to reduce the energy consumption in this facility.

Water Use

  • Water efficient devices are adopted to achieve >45% of annual potable water saving and >40% reduction in effluent discharge volume.
  • Installed efficient water appliances (washing machines) which reduce >45% water consumption.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • The building services systems are designed to ensure the indoor environment, including IAQ, thermal comfort, acoustics performance, etc. meet the acceptable standards.
  • Acoustic measures were adopted to minimise acoustic nuisance to the building occupants and the neighbourhood.

Innovations and Additions

  • Powerful Chipper Shredder to “make use of the disused from disposal to regeneration” which significantly reduced the biodegradable waste for disposal to landfills, hence reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Food Waste Decomposition System to minimise the waste from this project, hence reduce the loading of the landfills.
  • Twin Tank to minimise the influence of water supply to occupants during maintenance.


In order to achieve long-term sustainable growth, New World Group is committed to minimizing the potential environmental impacts and improving the quality of the communities where it operates while providing a reasonable return to its investors at the same time.
It strives to:

  • exceed statutory requirements in relation to sustainability issues;
  • engage its stakeholders and develop mutual communication on its sustainability performances;
  • minimize potential environmental impacts of its projects as far as practicable;
  • enhance the quality of life for the communities where it operates;
  • provide a safe working environment for its employees and inspire them to grow with the Group;
  • influence its supply chain to share its belief with regard to the corporate sustainability; and
  • continuously improve its sustainability performance through monitoring and reporting.

HKTGA is devoted to creating exceptional experiences and gathering the best from around the globe to escalate modern living standards. This is why New World has created Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy. From the exquisitely sculptured greens to the personalized training programmes, it delivers a constant stimulus for both intellect and emotions. Drawing together its individual creativity and contemporary bespoke lifestyle for the sport conscious artisan in its guests.

Set in Sai Kung’s stunning natural countryside, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy provides a new benchmark in aspirational training and facilities for sports lovers near and far. As a holistic sports and sports wellness destination, it not only offers tailored programmes from two world-renowned training academies but also provides beautifully crafted ancillary facilities in support of sports wellness. Theses especially designed ancillary wellness facilities, overnight accommodation, dining and leisure opportunities are inspired to nourish and revitalize.

To address the environmental credentials, HKGTA will make use of rainwater recycling, food waste composting as well as providing an electric bus (for staff only) from MTR station (Tiu Keng Leng).



竣工年份 2014
樓宇數目 6 Accommodation Blocks; 1 Sport Complex Block
樓層數目 3
類別 混合使用


項目持有人/發展商 田進有限公司及帝霖投資有限公司
項目經理 新世界發展有限公司
建築師 劉榮廣伍振民建築師事務所(香港)有限公司
園境設計師 The Olin Studio
機電工程師 凱迪思香港有限公司
土木及結構工程師 黃志明建築工程師有限公司
可持續設計顧問 邁進基建環保工程顧問有限公司
綠建環評顧問 邁進基建環保工程顧問有限公司

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