Come on! Let’s jog!

Among all types of sports activities, jogging appears to be the most environmentally friendly
item since limited gear is required and little waste is produced.
Why not jog in Kowloon East, where there is a 7km round-trip jogging route??
You can start at ZCB, which is the first-ever zero carbon building in Hong Kong.
Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) adopts refined natural lighting and ventilation systems. With the use of solar panels and the latest green architecture techniques, it produces net zero carbon emissions. It is also carpeted as Hong Kong’s first-ever lush native woodland. The public are welcome to join guided tours to visit ZCB.

The Council has taken part in the “Climate Change and My Smart City” Experience Centre in Zero Carbon Building. You can make an online reservation to book guided tours.

There are public toilets and drinking machines to make bottle refills as easy and convenient as possible in ZCB. Jogging along Wang Chiu Road towards the southern end, you’ll cross a small park beneath a flyover. After passing Kai Tak Fire Station, jogging along Cheung Yip Street, you can make a turn to Shing Fung Road. You can jog along the former runway of Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport towards Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Whilst jogging along the former runway, you can enjoy the magnificent coastline of Hong Kong Island. During sunset hours, you may even see buildings beginning to glow with lights. Upon reaching Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, you can relax yourself in a meadow. A round-trip between ZCB and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is around 7km.
Having returned to ZCB, you may take some rest and stretch after the workout to relax yourself at Kwun Tong Community Green Station nearby. Meanwhile, you may take a look at the exhibition there, which aims at spreading messages about waste reduction and recycling. Workshops are held regularly to promote the importance of waste reduction at source.
Workshops and campaigns related to environmental protection are held regularly at Kwun Tong Community Green Station. Follow their page to learn more about the Station.

Even more BEAM Plus green architecture projects in Kowloon East are available:

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