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The EMSD HQs exhibited successfully an excellent showcase of sustainable development, by converting from the former air cargo terminal. The reuse of large and existing building structure celebrated many auspicious commitments in conservation initiatives and achieved numerous sustainability objectives by adopting advanced energy efficiency technologies, and becoming one of the best places to hold education programme for students and the community on energy conservation.

Green Features

EMSD HQs was designed and has effectively been operating with many sustainable systems and features,
for example:

  • Water-cooled ammonia chiller
  • Oil-free magnetic bearing chiller
  • Ice thermal storage system
  • Displacement ventilation at terminal side
  • Daylight & motion sensor for lighting control
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Solar hot water system
  • Sun pipes (as known as light-pipes)
  • Double layer curtain wall
  • External façade shading
  • Grey water recycling
  • Vertical greening
  • Water saving sensor tap, etc.

The green platform of EMSD HQs forms an exceptional and solid green foundation and it is already way above the common norm of green building achievements across the city since the date of occupation.

Furthermore, EMSD has been advocating a good practice for the operational and management of the site and building systems, for example:

  • Integrated Management System certified to ISO9000, ISO14000, and OHSAS 18001
  • Energy Management System certified to ISO50001.
  • Environmentally sensible procurement.
  • Record of inspection, maintenance and repair for building, facilities and external areas available for a period of up to three years.
  • Planned programme of regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of central HVAC plant.
  • Recycling of waste paper, waste battery, waste fluorescent lamp, waste scrap metal, waste tyre and waste mineral oil/lubricating oil.
  • De-odourization filter for exhaust system in refuse collection chamber, etc.


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