Eastern Community Green Station

  • View from Oi Shun Road entrance

  • View from Hing Man Street

  • Garden View from Hing Man Street

  • New Pedestrian Street to connect the surrounding communities

  • Courtyard

  • Multi-purpose Hall

  • Multi-purpose Hall

  • Exhibition Area

  • Aerial View from Hing Man Street

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The project, situated in Shau Kei Wan of Eastern District, is the second Community Green Stations out of 18 venues based on different districts developed by Environmental Protection Department to implement the “reduction first” waste management strategy. The station supports recycling efforts at the community level; and hold exhibition and educational programmes to advocate the importance of recycling.  It consists of education centre, workshop, office and ancillary facilities.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the wind amplification effect
  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the minimum impact of the development on neighborhood daylight access
  • Formulation and implementation of environmental management plan to minimize the impact of noise, air and water pollution during construction
  • Conducting assessment on the impact of the noise sources in the site to the neighborhood noise sensitive receivers
  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the impact of external light source pollution

Materials Aspects

  • Avoiding the use of timber for temporary construction work
  • Formulation and implementation of waste management plan

Energy Use

  • Conducting and documenting T&C for the energy systems and equipment that impact on energy use and indoor environmental quality
  • Documenting the operation and maintenance manual, providing training to the operators and provisions of maintenance facilities on site

Water Use

  • Using water efficient device to save annual water consumption of more than 40%

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Provisions to reduce the potential for transmission of harmful bacteria viruses and odours for the plumbing and drainage system
  • Conducting measurements to ascertain the acceptable levels of the VOCs, HCHO and Rn
  • Providing ventilation to control localized pollutant sources
  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the acceptable levels of the natural lighting in occupied premises
  • Providing adequate interior lighting in areas not normally occupied
  • Providing enhanced access features for person with disability

Innovations and Additions

  • Engagement of BEAM Professional to ascertain the design of the project follows the requirement of BEAM Plus standards.


Project Description

The Community Green Station, located in Hong Kong East, is a pilot project for promoting green living and collection of recyclables at the community level. We do not want the Station to be a rubbish collection point, but a positive asset to the local area. Completed in May 2015, we turned an under-utilized carpark under a flyover into a public gathering place to bridge the old and new neighborhood within the existing dense residential area.

Design Concept

The concept is to create a Street through the site to connect the surrounding communities. Greenies of the nearby Park are extended to the old district through this urban intercourse. Through the use of green wall, bamboo trellis and courtyard garden, it embodies a sense of community and a touch of oasis within the city.

The Station is divided into separate blocks along our Street that hold exhibitions and educational programmes, as well as recycling facilities that allows recyclable collections. Various sustainable initiatives are adopted here to put the green culture of “Use Less, Waste Less” into practice. We reused the modular containers as the bases of our buildings yet modified to suit the need of different functions. The flyover above contributes to the passive cooling of the venues thus reducing solar heat gain. The provision of large overhanging roof and vertical greening can shelter the interior from the sun. Natural daylight is brought into the multi-purpose room by large Low-E glazing.

The Street, together with the garden embodies variety of gathering places, creates multiple layer of space from public to private, from open space, semi-open space to enclosed area, as an interpretation of pavilions in Chinese Garden. The Station has created a magnet where public life can be nurtured and this mediates with our sense of belonging with our permanent cultural value.

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