7-15 Mount Kellett Road

  • Separation of Domestic Waste Programme

  • Replacement of LED bulb

  • Replacement of LED tubes at staircase, corridor and lifts

  • Peach Blossom Trees Recycling Programme

  • Earth Hour

  • Purchase Products with Grade 1 Energy Label

Existing Buildings V2.0 (Selective Scheme)

via Portfolio Assessment Mechanism


7-15 Mount Kellett Road is a leased residential property managed by Nan Fung Property Management which consists 3 houses and 10 apartment units. 7-15 Mount Kellett Road has implemented environmental protection measures and energy management systems, echoing the company vision of "We Improve the Quality of Life". Besides, a series of energy efficiency enhancement has been carried out, including application of LED lighting and adoption of automated watering device. 7-15 Mount Kellett Road also takes an active role in joining hands with our stakeholders to promote sustainability and engage in different green programmes.

Green Features


  • A property integrating modernization and the natural environment
  • Installation of motion sensors for automatic dimming control of lightings at rear staircases and lifts to attain energy efficiency
  • Adopt green procurement including purchase and installation of LED lighting and products with energy labels for the property
  • Proactive participation of environmental protection activities such as recycling programmes
  • Landscaping and green walls at the property further enhance green living

Project Details

Number of Blocks 5
Number of Storeys Block 1,2 & 3:5/F + R/F with swimming pool
Block 4 & 5: 6/F + R/F with swimming pool
Type Residential

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner Cheerford Holdings Limited
Facility Manager New Charm Management Ltd.

  • 1/F, Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
  • +852 3994 8888
  • [email protected]

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