Hong Kong Baptist Hospital - Redevelopment of Block E Building

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The new Block E building for Hong Kong Baptist Hospital with 10-storey and two basement levels, has a total floor area of 5,550 square meters. Block E features a number of functional design concepts, including

1) Vertical segregation to make use of high-low floors. For instance, Out-patient Clinic, with high volume of people movement, is accommodated at lower levels. The 24-Hour Out-Patient Clinic is relocated from Block B to G/F of Blocks D and E. This round-the-clock service with entrance located right at Junction Road is more convenient and accessible for patients coming by public transport. Wards at less-crowded higher levels well suit recuperating patients who would benefit from a quiet ambience with spectacular Kowloon Tong view.

2) Horizontal integration connects most floors between Block D and E, bringing about the benefits of optimal scale. For instance, the relocation of Intensive Care Unit to Block E allows smooth transition of care between ICU and HDU/CCU on the same floor in Block D. On the other hand, satellite units of Admission, Pharmacy and Radiology Department are collocated with the Outpatient Centre to provide one-stop service for patients.

3) Streamline of internal traffic reduces point-to-point traffic and elevator dependency, greatly reducing traffic time, benefiting patients, staff, and visitors.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • 70% of the roof area was covered by high emissivity roofing material and vegetation.
  • The exterior lighting and landscape lighting fulfilled the requirements in environmental zone E3 to avoid light pollution.
  • The Vertical Sky Component at the lowest sensitive façade of the existing neighbouring sensitive building is over 12%.

Materials Aspects

  • 60% of timber used by volume is FSC timber.
  • Use of oil-free chiller with high COP. R134a is adopted as refrigerant for chiller system, the combined contribution to ozone depletion fulfilled requirement.

Energy Use

  • 76% of total rated power of appliances and equipment are certified with energy efficient labels under grade 1 or 2 in EMSD’s MEELS, VEELS or Energy Star Rated Scheme.
  • Installation of metering and monitoring for electricity uses by equipment serving common space/public area, main chiller plant, air side equipment of HVAV system and monitoring of building cooling load and operating parameters of chiller plant.

Water Use

  • 33% annual water saving is achieved.
  • Reduction in annual sewage volumes by 37.4%.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Hygienic refuse collection system.
  • IAQ good class with outdoor and indoor air pollutants.

Project Details

Completion Year 2015
Number of Blocks 1
Number of Storeys 12
Type Government, Institutional and Community

Project Team


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