• Clear windows surrounded the open office area in which optimizes the use of natural daylight. Indoor pot plants are planted along the window sills to enhance better indoor environmental quality.

  • Open ceiling with indirect lighting in the open office minimizes the glare for every work station.

  • The multi-function room equipped with audio-visual facilities with a seating capacity of around 25 seats for organizing corporate social responsibility functions, staff resting area, yoga exercise and commuting space.

  • The sliding partition between open office and multi-function room increases the flexibility of use of space. Posters pin up in the multi-function room to introduce the green features of office design. Staff can also get access to the information of green features and green cleaning manual through their internal “Intranet” system.

  • Acoustic folding doors between two meeting rooms give spatial options for the occupants to suit different situations. A medium size meeting room can be form when the acoustic folding door is fully open.

  • The “Office Feature Wall” campaign encourages each staff to draw a leaf for forming a team graphic artwork in order to raise their awareness on nature.

  • The 100% recyclable carpet with lively color combination decorated the corridor. Indirect lighting gives a harmonious feeling.

  • Re-used timber panel from the previous conference room and re-designed with zinc panel features. Oval indirect light void on the ceiling to avoid glare.

  • Green pot plants located along the window bay to enhance indoor air quality.

  • Plan showing the sustainable flooring materials and flexible design layout. Separate private space can be created by using acoustic folding doors or sliding partition.

Interiors V1.0

Overall Score
Green Building Attributes
Materials Aspects
Energy Use
Water Use
Indoor Enviro. Quality
Credit(s)    Innovations and Additions

This project is an interior renovation for the Management Office of CC Wu Building in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. It occupies approximate 294 m2 net area with 16 occupants.  The major tasks of this office involve team works between staffs, meeting with tenants, consultants, and contractors, in order to give high quality services for the users and occupants of this building.

Inducing well-being working spaces, sustainable environment and lively atmosphere are the major design objectives of this project.  Interior passive design consideration for layout is adopted.  It optimizes the use of natural resources instead of adding artificial installation.  To improve the enclosed situation of the original layout (i.e. all rooms occupied the windows and office had no direct daylight), an open plan was designed to maximize the use of natural lighting and result in energy saving.

Flexible spatial design is adopted on the furniture layout, alternation of usage and special arrangement. The open office is designed to welcome and serve its tenants.  It provides its office members a dynamic working environment while the multi-function area is designed for holding events for staffs.  By improving the spatial quality, it creates a positive impact on the work productivity.  Work motivation, team spirit and sense of belongings are believed to be built and enhanced.

Green Features

Interior passive design is adopted in the project space to optimize the use of natural resources. 

Maximum Day Light for all Work Stations

The main idea is to provide maximum daylight for all the working spaces, conference room and those services rooms now located near the wall area without window.  All working seats have direct sight line to the exterior. The open office surrounded by glazing with sufficient natural lighting for the occupants creates a green space for well-being.

Flexible Spatial Design Layout

Acoustic folding doors are used to separate meeting rooms.  Occupants can choose to use two small private rooms or one medium private room due to different situation.

A sliding partition and door are located between the open office and multi-function room. Private meeting or event can be held in the multi-function room that will not disturb the working area.  Expansion of space can be achieved when the sliding partition and door are opened.

Minimize Glare for the Work Stations

All the desks are perpendicular to the windows or inclined within 10 degrees to avoid glare to the computer monitors. Task light is provided for every work stations to reduce energy use while occupant works alone in the evening. Up-light is adopted for open office area and no direct lighting is applied in the project space.

Extra Provision for Indoor Plants

46 nos. of pot plant (200mm diameter each) are put along the window perimeter in the working area. They can provide lively atmosphere and filter the air. It is 2.8 times provision more than the requirement in BEAM Plus Interiors.

A horticultural maintenance plan is set out and executed to ensure the plants are maintained in good condition. No herbicides and pesticides are applied to the plants. No electricity, from fossil fueled generation, is used to maintain and for the growth of the plants. The selected plants may purify indoor air and are suitable to be planted in indoor environment. It can create an office space for good health.

Waste Recycle Facilities

The office provides a collection facility with signed collection agreement for recyclable material. Beside minimum waste recycling facilities, there is storage facilities provision at prominent location inside the office for the collection of 1) paper, 2) plastic, 3) metal waste, 4) glass and 5) used small electrical appliance. A collection agreement has been signed between client and recycling company for a regular collection.

Furniture Concerning Occupational Health and Safety

All working chairs are complied with ergonomic design. All working desks have sufficient leg room. Sufficient space is also provided for walkways between desks and in front of storage. No electrical extension cord is laid across any corridor.

Excellent Material Performance

Every material with sustainable features used in the office is carefully selected. They are selected to be ensured with recycled or renewable content, manufactured from factory with environmental management system manual and low-emittance during manufacturing process and its lifetime.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet “ECOworx Tile” is adopted in the office area which has been awarded for “Cradle to Cradle Product Silver Certification”. It contains 44% recycled content, highly reduces carbon footprint by 40% compared with PVC and has an own 100% closed loop recycling process. It is not only a rapidly renewable and recycled material but also an environmentally manufactured material.

Linoleum Flooring

In the multi-functional room, linoleum flooring is adopted instead of traditional vinyl flooring. Linoleum is bio-based and made from natural resources which are naturally antibacterial and biodegradable.

Self-leveling Cement flooring

Self-leveling cement flooring is widely adopted in the open office area. One of the raw material sources for manufacturing self-leveling cement is aluminum cans diverts waste. The use of by-products has reduced the burden to landfills.

Palm Eco Wall

Palm fibre in Palm Eco Wall is 100% recycled fibre from empty fruit bunch after oil extracted from refineries. It delivers four performance advantages including high fire resistance, high moisture resistance, superior acoustic properties and high impact performance.

Open ceiling

More than 50% of the office area has an open ceiling which has reduced the use of new material. Besides, well cooperation between ceiling services and lighting are able to create an impression of higher clear headroom.

Extension of the Life Cycle of Furniture and Materials

42.12% furniture in the project is re-used furniture, including existing built-in cabinets along and under window sills, metal cabinets, chairs, pedestals and office desks. The gypsum board ceiling panels are also made good and re-used in the project. The project emphasizes on promotion of adaption and re-use.

Well-being Office Environment and Activities

The “Office Feature Wall” campaign encourages each staff to draw a leaf for forming a team graphic artwork in order to raise their awareness on nature. Concluded from the employee survey result, 68.8% of staff showed their appreciation of the campaign. 81.3% of staff agreed that the campaign had boost up their team spirit while 87.5% of staff thought that they worked comfortably and efficiently in the office space.

The multi-function room in the project space served the function for organizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, for example, team up with St. James Settlement for the classes to the students. The space is not only used as staff resting area, yoga exercise and game room but also a commuting space for staff daily.

The owner highly values a convenient and happy working environment. Light music broadcasted during working hours creates a relaxing atmosphere. Every staff is assigned with a private locker near the multi-function room for their personal storage.

Project Details

Completion Year 2015
Number of Floors 1 (Partially)
Type Office

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner C. C. Wu International Co., Limited
Project Manager C. C. Wu International Co., Limited
Architect Y. I. & Associates Limited
Interior Designer Y. I. & Associates Limited
M&E Engineer Consolidated Consulting Engineers Limited
Main Contractor Parks Decoration & Engineering Limited
Environmental Consultant Acumen Environmental Engineering and Technologies Co., Limited

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