• Festival Walk

  • High Efficiency Water-cooled Chiller

  • Fresh Water Cooling Tower

  • Automatic Sun-shaded Shelter

  • Electric Vehicle Charger

  • Photovoltaic Panel

Existing Buildings V2.0 (Comprehensive Scheme)
Final Platinum

Overall Score

Festival Walk is a premier retail and lifestyle destination that offers more than 200 brands and food outlets. It comprises a seven-storey retail mall with a four-storey office component on top of the mall. Located in Kowloon Tong, Festival Walk is directly linked to the Kowloon Tong MTR station, and enjoys excellent connectivity between the Kwun Tong Line and the East Rail Line.

Designed by renowned architect Arquitectonica, Festival Walk is a unique eco-building with wide open spaces for the comfort of shoppers and glass skylight providing natural light. Since its opening in 1998, it has spearheaded innovations in sustainability management practices, as well as gained recognition for its environmental performance. It received the Final Platinum rating under BEAM Plus Existing Buildings in 2017 & 2022.

Festival Walk is owned by Mapletree Pan Asia Commercial Trust, a real estate investment trust listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

Green Features


  • ESG report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards
  • Bronze Award – Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Hong Kong Green Organisation Certificate – Wastewi$e and Energywi$e
  • Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings Certificate

Site Aspects

  • Green roof
  • Low-e glass skylight and curtain wall
  • Automatic sun-shaded shelter

Materials and Waste Aspects

  • Recycling of food waste & cooking oil
  • “Smart” bottle deposit machine

Energy Use

  • High efficiency water-cooled chillers
  • Fresh water cooling towers
  • Optimization of chiller plant control by innovative chiller-pump control logic
  • Optimization of chilled water distribution by modulating valves installation
  • Variable Speed Drive for Air Handling Units, ventilation fans and Fan Coil Units
  • Photo & motion sensor for lighting control
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Retro-commissioning of air-conditioning & ventilation systems and equipment

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • IAQ certificate in ”Excellent Class” for office common area
  • IAQ certificate in “Good Class” for mall common area

Water Use

  • Water saving sanitary fitments
  • Reclamation of water from sprinkler system back to sprinkler water tank
  • Reclamation of bleed-off water from cooling towers for flushing

Innovations and Additions

  • Recycling of icy energy
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Photovoltaic panels


Festival Walk is a mixed-use premier commercial complex. The building owner and the property manager endeavor to minimize environmental impacts by integrating eco-efficient initiatives throughout the years. Festival Walk achieved a 50% reduction in annual energy consumption and carbon emission as compared to 2000 level.


Our Commitment

At Festival Walk, we are committed to acting responsibly towards our environment, our people and the communities in which we operate. In addition to providing a healthy and safe environment for our shoppers and tenants, we also endeavor to reduce our environmental impact by integrating eco-efficient initiatives into our daily operations and processes. As proper waste management is crucial especially in Hong Kong due to rapidly filling landfill areas, we also recognise the importance of reducing, recycling and properly managing waste by putting in place a comprehensive waste management programme.


Unique Energy-saving Initiatives

  • First mall to install a variable-air-volume air-conditioning system using cascade control logic in 2011, whilst maintaining stable and automatic temperature control
  • Reduction in operating hours of electric heaters within air conditioning units at ‘Glacier’ ice skating rink
  • Recommendation of optimum lighting levels for tenants
  • Developed an energy management plan to establish a process of continuous improvements towards greater energy efficiency

First-of-its-kind Thermal Energy Recycling System

  • 1st mall to direct thermal energy from the melting of ice from Festival Walk’s Glacier ice skating rink for air conditioning purposes of its office units, saving an estimated 43,827kWh of energy every year


Support for Local Government Initiatives

  • Participation in the Energy Saving Charter
    • Commitment to maintaining an average indoor temperature between 24 – 26 °C during the months of June to September
  • Support for the Charter on External Lighting
    • Switching off facade and external lighting during extended hours of 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. since 1 April 2016
  • Support for the Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme
    • Transporting food waste to government’s organic waste treatment facilities
    • Encouraging tenants from food and beverage sector to support HKEPD’s efforts to reduce food waste


Water Conservation Initiatives

  • Reclamation of water from sprinkler system back to sprinkler water tank
  • Reclamation of bleed-off water from cooling towers for flushing
  • Installation of water efficient taps that have been certified under the Hong Kong Government’s Voluntary Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (“WELS”)


Ensuring Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Monitoring indoor air quality (“IAQ”) by conducting bi-weekly measurements of temperature and carbon dioxide levels in various locations within the building
  • Employing an indoor air quality (“IAQ”) assessor to conduct annual certification assessments
  • The air-conditioning equipment is maintained regularly, while the air filters are replaced or cleaned at regular intervals/based on pre-set parameters
  • In recognition of its ongoing efforts to maintain clean air, Festival Walk achieved ‘Excellent Class’ for its office common area for the thirteenth consecutive year while the mall’s common areas were certified ‘Good Class’ for the eleventh consecutive year under the Hong Kong Government’s IAQ Certification Scheme


Waste Management

  • An award-winning comprehensive waste management program
  • Waste from office and retail tenants are collected at the building’s refuse storage chamber and the loading bay, where recyclable materials such as paper, aluminium cans, glass bottles, used cooking oil and food waste are segregated for further processing
  • Festival Walk jointly launched Hong Kong’s first-ever plastic bottle recycling scheme in collaboration with Swire Coca-Cola HK, Octopus Cards Limited and the World Green Organization

Project Details

Completion Year 1998
Number of Blocks 1
Number of Storeys 16
Number of Floors 16
Type Commercial

Project Team


  • 1/F, Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
  • +852 3994 8888
  • [email protected]

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