Proposed Commercial Development at NKIL 6557

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New Buildings V1.2
Provisional Platinum

The proposed commercial development at NKIL6557 is consisting two separate parcels under the same lot, a pair of twin buildings emerges as an Iconic Gateway overlooking Kai Tak City Center and Station Square at the front, introducing a new experience to public with the aesthetics and spatial quality delivered. Moreover, this iconic development is committed to contribute to the public by introducing user and environmentally friendly facilities and accommodation. The goal is to provide a convenient, sustainable all-in-one commercial hub benefits to all public users and neighborhood in the Kai Tak City, and also the East Kowloon District.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Our buildings provide basic services to the public
  • Large amount of soft landscape is provided to improve the local environment
  • Noise level of building services equipment is minimized to reduce the impact to neighbors
  • Vegetation roof to mitigate elevated temperatures in exposed areas to the public

Materials Aspects

  • Sustainable Forest Products are used in site
  • Use of Environmentally Friendly Refrigerants and no ozone depleting materials in building fabric and services
  • Use of regionally manufactured materials in the building
  • Modularization installation of MEP services

Energy Use

  • Connection to district cooling system enhances the energy efficiency in air conditioning
  • Better energy performance building services equipment than EMSD BEC is used in site to improve energy efficiency
  • On site renewable energy system is installed to promote the use

Water Use

  • Efficient potable water devices are installed in site to conserve valuable potable water resources
  • Advanced flushing water devices are installed to reduce the sewage used in the building

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Adequate Fresh Air Provision in site to maintain good indoor environment
  • Good IAQ within the building
  • Good Acoustics performance environment is designed and built

Innovations and Additions

  • BIM is adopted throughout the whole design, construction and operation period
  • EV charger facilities in carpark


Apart from the characteristic architectural design, this development is expected to serve as an iconic building in Kai Tak area through considerate green and environmental design measures to promote sustainability by implementing below elements into the district:

Pedestrian & Environmentally Friendly Facilities:

  • “Podium-free” design concept is adopted to enhance air ventilation and view corridor in the street environment;
  • Considerable amount of site area constitutes Non-Building Area with plentiful open spaces and landscaping. They are connected with surrounding LCSD parks through aligned barrier free footpaths and planters with coherent species. A pedestrian friendly network is promoted;
  • Abundant greenery is proposed at pedestrian zone which helps to improve the air quality and promotes micro-climate at street level;
  • A stepping cascaded massing concept was adopted unlike traditional monotonous massing. It creates voids and space for capturing prevailing wind;
  • The stepping cascaded massing design creates plenty of picturesque landscaped terraces, sky-gardens and flat roofs which allow visitors to experience the unique views at different levels from different angles. These elevated outdoor spaces are equipped with planters and green wall, enhancing the quality of urban environment.


Energy-Saving Strategies:

  • Stone and glass are evenly distributed on the external façade. This design approach allows variety of solid and transparent materials on elevation and therefore reducing heat gain. Besides, all materials allow minimized reflectance to avoid causing glare to the neighborhood;
  • Low-E insulated glass units are adopted for the building to enhance solar heat insulation of building envelope, and therefore reducing energy consumption of cooling;
  • All vehicular car parks are located at the basement floors with electrical charging facilities to control and minimize air nuisance to the nearby parks and open spaces;
  • Public parking spaces are dedicated to coach bus parking, encouraging participation of public events at the Kai Tak sports stadium and the use of public transportation;
  • Bio-Diesel generators are employed to reduce consumption of resources while promoting renewable energy.

Project Details

Completion Year 2023
Number of Blocks 2
Number of Storeys 21 on grade storeys with 4 levels of basement
Type Commercial

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner Leader Bright Limited
Project Manager Leader Bright Limited
Architect DLN Architects Limited
Landscape Architect LWK Landscape Limited
M&E Engineer WSP (Asia) Limited
C&S Engineer WSP (Asia) Limited
Facade Consultant WSP (Asia) Limited
Main Contractor Hip Hing Construction company Limited
Quantity Surveyor Rider Levett Bucknall Limited
Sustainable Design Consultant WSP (Asia) Limited
Environmental Consultant WSP (Asia) Limited
Acoustic Consultant Campbell Shillinglaw Lau Limited

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