Oasis Kai Tak

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Indoor swimming pool

  • Indoor gym

  • Central courtyard

  • Central courtyard

  • Clubhouse lounge

New Buildings V1.2
Final Gold

Designed to match the ambitious vision underpinning Kowloon East, Oasis Kai Tak (“OKT”) incorporates commanding views and strategic location with cutting edge smart building technology, green living concepts and wellness know-how to deliver a unique vision of modern riverside living right at the center of the Kai Tak Metropolis of the emerging Kowloon East. Reflecting Wheelock’s concept of ‘The Spirit of Living”, OKT is designed to deliver a homey atmosphere while fostering a sense of belonging amongst residents and advocating a holistic approach to wellness.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Achieved over 80% of the Urban Design Guidelines sub-items
  • 100% of total roof area covered by SRI material or vegetation

Materials Aspects

  • Over 90% timber supplied from sustainable source
  • Nearly 90% building materials are regionally manufactured
  • Adapt non-CFC based refrigerants and building fabric

Energy Use

  • Adapt high-COP AC equipment & high-efficient lighting system
  • Adapt ACVVVF lift system
  • Energy saving percentage exceed 40% comparing with BEC 2015 requirement

Water Use

  • Use water-efficient sanitary fittings & electrical appliances
  • Reduce annual water consumption by nearly 40%
  • Reduce annual effluent discharge by 50%

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Achieved “Good Glass” IAQ objectives at Clubhouse
  • Equip with gondola system for maintenance
  • Use floating slab for plumbing plant room to minimize vibration impact

Innovations and Additions

  • Adapt twin tank design for plumbing system
  • Car park spaces are fully equipped with EV chargers
  • Provide Home Automation System in every flat unit; Residents can control AC & lighting system via mobile apps for efficient energy management


As a developer of beautiful homes, we are equally committed to a number of green initiatives to help ensure a clean and sustainable environment for our community and future generations to live in.

NCCO air filtration system – To enhance health and well-being of the residents, NCCO (Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation, an innovated patent technology) air filtration system is installed in Children Play Area at Clubhouse. Air pollutants, including particulate matters (PM2.5 & PM10), VOCs and formaldehyde could be removed by NCCO air filtration system.

Home automation system – Every flat unit is equipped with Home Automation System; Residents can control AC & lighting system via mobile apps.

Smart metering – With collaboration of CLP, smart meters were installed to encourage energy saving and promote a smarter and low-carbon living. Residents can access electricity consumption data anytime, anywhere, and get personalized notifications using CLP app to track energy use and manage costs smartly.

Clubhouse facilities booking Mobile App – Residents can book clubhouse facilities anytime and anywhere via mobile app. It also empowers a sharing platform, including renting domestic appliances and toolboxes.

Interactive E-information booth – All notices for residents are uploaded in E-information booth installed in Clubhouse and every tower entrance lobby to reduce the use of papers. Residents can book clubhouse facilities anytime using these Interactive E-information booths as well.

Project Details

Number of Blocks 4 high-rise tower, 4 low-rise block,1 retail block
Number of Storeys Tower 1 & 2: 32 storeys
Tower 3 & 5: 31 storeys
Mansion A, B & C: 4 storeys
Mansion D: 6 storeys
Type Residential

Project Team


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