New Buildings V1.1
Final Gold

Overall Score

The Spectra, located at Yuen Long district, to the north of Long Ping MTR Station, has achieved the Gold Rating of Final Assessment under the BEAM Plus NB V1.1. The Spectra showcased environmental friendly design in various aspect such as the chosen of recycled building materials and high efficient E&M systems.

The recreational block and large landscape plaza of The Spectra enhanced the quality of life for the residents.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • The 33% of greenery provided on site created a valuable landscape plaza to residents.
  • Adopt roof painting with high emissivity (emissivity of at least 0.9) to reduce the urban heat island effect caused by the solar heat absorption through the roof.
  • The design of the site 100% fulfills the Urban Design Guidelines presented in Chapter 11 of the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines published by Planning Department. The site concerns not only the total visual effect of building masses but also connection with people and places.

Materials Aspects

  • Non-CFC and HCFC refrigerants are used to minimize global warming impact.
  • 78% of building materials were manufactured within 800km from the site to reduce the environmental impacts arising from transportation.
  • 83% of timber products are from sustainable source timber to protect virgin forests from harvest.

Energy Use

  • The high efficient air conditioning equipment, lighting systems and lift systems helps the residential buildings to achieve a 17.5% saving in annual energy consumption and 26% reduction in the maximum electricity demand in comparison with baseline case.
  • Independent commissioning authority was engaged during the testing and commissioning process to ensure the design intent and environmental performance are achieved.

Water Use

  • 38% saving in annual water consumption is achieved by using water efficient sanitary devices
  • Washing machine with Grade 1 HK WELS certificate is provided for each residential unit of the building which is about 41.5% more efficient than baseline case.
  • 51% saving in annual sewage volumes is achieved by using dual flush water closets and urinals with low flowrate.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • “Good Class” of IAQ Certification Scheme achieved
  • Fulfilled 3 different division in Barrier Free Access 2008 to enable persons with disability to make full use of the basic facilities in a building without assistance and undue difficulties.
  • Superior quality of amenity features are provided for building users enhance quality and functionality of building and for operators to improved operation and maintenance of the building.

Innovations and Additions

  • Twin tank systems reduce interruption and wastage of the supply of potable and fresh water with regular maintenance
  • 100% of parking spaces are equipped with EV charger of which 10% of the charger are advanced grade and could enhance the charging efficiency.

Project Details

Completion Year 2017
Number of Blocks 4 Residential Towers, and 1 Recreational Facility Block
Number of Storeys 24 storeys for residential towers; 3 storeys for recreational facility block
Type Residential

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner United Best Hong Kong Limited
Project Manager United Best Hong Kong Limited
Architect Wong Tung & Partners Limited
Landscape Architect ACLA Limited
M&E Engineer WSP Hong Kong Limited
C&S Engineer Siu Yin Wai & Associates Limited
Main Contractor Chevalier (Construction) Co., Limited
Quantity Surveyor WT Partnership (HK) Limited
Environmental Consultant Ramboll Environ Hong Kong Limited
BEAM Consultant Ramboll Environ Hong Kong Limited


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