Reprovisioning of Yau Ma Tei Police Station

  • Reprovisioning of Yau Ma Tei Police Station

  • The front view of the new Yau Ma Tei Police Station

  • Aerial photo of the new Yau Ma Tei Police Station

  • Atrium is the focus of the design, through the main building, the underlying connection is located on the third floor of the catering.

  • Glass panels and glass doors are used to separate staircase and the lift lobby for encouraging people the use of staircase.

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The project consists of the design and construction of a new Yau Ma Tei Police Station at 3 Yau Cheung Road, just approximate 300m away from the old Yau Ma Tei Police Station. The 11-storey new Police Station located at the site, which covers an area of 3,912 square metres. The scope of New Yau Ma Tei Police Station comprises the provision of the following facilities: report room, interview rooms, officers, support and operation facilities, parking spaces for police vehicles, parade and inspection area and facilities for police staff such as physical training facilities and other amenity facilities etc.

Green Features

Site Aspects (SA)

  • G/F, 2/F and 6/F greenery area creates a pleasant environment and provide relaxing gathering space. The use of native plant species introduces biodiversity and sustainability to the development and the surrounding. Vertical greening in 1/F and 2/F softens the eastern and western building facades and enhances the visual interest along the periphery of the police station.
  • The building is designed to orient the shorter side perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction. The wind corridor between the new Yau Ma Tei Police Station and the adjacent residential building is therefore widened and reduces stagnant air.
  • The contractor effectively controlled the noise, dust and waste generation as well as minimizes the use of water resource during the construction stage. The effort of the main contractor during the construction period was recognized by awarded with several awards. They include the Gold Award of the Green Contractors Award by Architectural Services Department's for two successive years and the Merit Award of the 2014 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (Construction Industry Sector) and the 22nd Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme.

Materials Aspects (MA)

  • Standardized design details, typical structural members and precast construction like staircase flight and curtain wall units are adopted in this project to increase the construction productivity.
  • The project adopted 57% local manufactured building materials in order to reduce transportation activates and accompanying pollution.

Energy Use (EU)

  • The building energy consumption performance for the new Yau Ma Tei Police Station is shown to be well beyond the baseline building based on BEC 2012. The annual energy consumption for the police station portion and carpark portion is reduced by 22.3% and 38.7% respectively.
  • Yau Ma Tei Police Station utilizes Solar Hot Water panels to provide the required renewable energy. Total 36 numbers of solar hot water panels were installed at the roof level of the station which provides approximate 2.3% of building energy consumption.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • The design of transparent glazing allows plenty of natural light entering to the entrance hall, it enhances the sense of space of the entrance and creates no pressure environment for users.
  • Atrium is the focus of the design, through the main building, the underlying connection is located on the 3/F of the catering. The courtyard on the 6/F can also be an extension of the 3/F, providing outdoor space and natural ventilation.
  • A staircase adjacent to the passenger lift lobby is provided with natural day light for circulation and fir escape. The fire rated glass partition allows visual connection between the staircase and the lobby. This environmentally friendly design is to encourage occupants to use staircase more and minimize the reliance on using the lifts, in order to promote environmental and healthy lifestyle in the building.

Water Use (WU)

  • Rainwater harvesting system is built for irrigation. It has been demonstrated that more than 10% total fresh water consumption is reduced by adopting the rainwater harvesting system.

Innovations and Additions (IA)

  • Electric Vehicles Charging Facilities in carpark to top up their batteries for energy efficiency.


Design of the new Yau Ma Tei Police Station seeks to redefine the traditional model of a compact building for police station, with emphasis given to functionality, overall green ambience as well as the diversity in spatial character. We aimed to promote collaboration between the public and the Police Force, as well as to encourage interaction amongst the police officers, without conceding the prime issues of privacy and security for the police's operation. The design aims to bring closer understanding and communication between the Force and the public and to project a caring image that the Police Force is "To serve with pride and care."

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