• Main Entrance of Olympian City 2

  • Food waste is processed, decomposed and, finally, recycled to valuable resources.

  • Support Green Transportation

  • Atrium of Olympian City 2

Existing Buildings V2.0 (Comprehensive Scheme)
Final Platinum

Overall Score
Site Aspects
Materials and Waste Aspects
Energy Use
Water Use
Indoor Enviro. Quality
Credit(s)    Innovations and Additions

A smart AI control building management system is implemented in Olympian City 2 for controlling and monitoring the electricity usage of chiller system. The smart AI control can optimize the setting of chiller plant to make a balance between the electricity usage and comfortable ambience of Shopping Arcade so that energy saving can be achieved in the meantime.

Green Features


  • Discloses the G4 sustainability report to the public. 
  • Integrated Management System certified to ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001
  • Implement a  planned programme of regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Green Purchasing Plan, Green Cleaning Plan, Integrated Pest Management Plan, Construction IAQ Management Plan and Building User Guide are in place and implemented.

Site Aspects

  • At least 6 characteristics of Green Building Attributes are provided.
  • External lightings are turned off 23:00-07:00
  • Sufficient CSR facilities / services, O&M amenities and barrier free access provisions are provided.

Materials and Waste Aspects

  • Waste recycling facilities
  • Environmentally friendly products (e.g. refrigerant, fire suppression material, detergent)
  • Regular waste audit and reviewing of waste performance
  • Food Wise Charter and food waste decomposer

Energy Use

  • Energy Management Policy & Plan and Action plan are provided and implemented.
  • Energy use monitoring (Power Analyzer & BMS) and Energy Audit with EUI analysis
  • On-going commissioning and retro-commissioning works of E&M systems

Water Use

  • Water saving sanitary fixtures and sufficient water metering provisions
  • Regular water audit and water conservation educational campaign
  • Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh Water & Flushing Water

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Good IEQ performance in air quality, thermal comfort and interior lighting
  • Regular building user satisfaction surveys and following-up
  • Sufficient fresh air and exhaust air provision

Innovations and Additions

  • Wastewise Certificate


Motivations to go “green” and commitment to Advancing Net Zero

Sustainability is integral to our business and is integrated into all aspects of our operations. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to Creating Better Lifescapes, which we bring to life

through our work under the six pillars of Green, Wellness, Design, Innovation, Heritage & Culture and Community.

Health and Well-being

Regular building user satisfaction survey including topics for indoor comfort are conducted. Follow-up actions were taken if there is any discomfort reported in the survey. Sufficient fresh air and exhaust air provision are provided to ensure the good air quality in the air quality in the project building. On-site measurements for thermal comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ) were conducted and achieved good class of Hong Kong IAQ Certification Scheme. IAQ in car parks comply with the recommended CO and NO 2 level as stipulated in ProPECC PN 2/96. Color rendering index of interior lighting system in landlord areas comply with the criteria given in CIBSE standard.

Smart elements

Power analyzers are provided for monitoring energy use and power analysis of major E&M equipment, e.g. chiller plant. BMS system is provided for air side, water side, cooling load and lighting control. Motion sensor are provided for controlling lighting equipment in some not normally occupied areas.

Green Products

Environmentally friendly products are widely used in the project (e.g. refrigerant, fire suppression material, detergent and etc.). Refrigerant (R134a) with low GWP and ODP is adopted for all chillers in the project building. Fire suppression materials avoiding the use of ozone depleting substances e.g., CO2 type fire extinguishers are adopted. Over 10% of the detergent used on site are certified as green product e.g., Hong Kong Green Label.

Project Details

Completion Year 2022
Number of Blocks 1
Number of Storeys 5
Type Commercial

Project Team


  • 1/F, Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
  • +852 3994 8888
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