• One Taikoo Place

  • One Taikoo Place

  • Garden and green spaces at Taikoo Square and One Taikoo Place

  • One of the world’s largest single-pieced 17m height glass façade at One Taikoo Place

  • Lobby at One Taikoo Place

  • Lobby at One Taikoo Place

  • One Taikoo Place features three-metre-wide curtain wall window panels, offering panoramic views of Victoria Harbour.

  • Installed solar PV panels and a waste-to-energy tri-generation system at One Taikoo Place

  • Green roof with solar PV panels at One Taikoo Place

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Final Platinum

Overall Score

One Taikoo Place is the latest world-class triple Grade A office development in Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay. It is first of the two new world-class Grade-A office towers under a major HK$15 billion redevelopment of Taikoo Place, connected to existing buildings by elevated air-conditioned walkways, landscaped parks and other improved amenities. This building is designed under Swire Properties’ Integrated Design Approach and  SD 2030 ‘s Key Performance Indicators.

Exemplar of a best-in-class office building for a modern workplace, with:

  • superb harbour views and excellent connectivity.
  • one of world’s largest distinctive single-pieced 17m height glass façade.
  • over one million sq. ft. GFA, 48 storeys with floor plate of approx. 20,000 sq. ft.
  • achieved the highest energy performance building in Hong Kong. A total of 34% reduction in annual energy consumption obtained.
  • pioneer Artificial Intelligence powered building management system developed with Arup.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Soft landscaping of 30% of the site area to minimize the urban heat effect on the island
  • Building set back from the streets and a non-building area (NBA) of a 25-metre high void is created, making a significant wind corridor to enhance wind ventilation at the neighborhood pedestrian level

Materials Aspects

  • Over 75% demolition waste recycling and 60% construction waste recycling
  • Implement an effective Waste Management Plan to recycle concrete debris for paving block manufacturing
  • Provide waste compacter to effectively handle general waste by compression and provide sufficient waste recycling facilities

Energy Use

  • Annual energy saving of over 34% as compared to BEAM Plus Baseline
  • Variable speed chiller and chilled and condenser water pumps under optimized chiller plant control
  • Daylight and motion sensors for lighting control and energy efficient lighting fixtures
  • Heat recovery system and free cooling
  • Highly efficient EC-plug fan used in air handling system
  • Low-e coated glazing and horizontal shading fins reduce OTTV, resulting in low cooling energy
  • Tri-generation and adsorption chiller with pre-heated supply for shower to generate renewable energy of more than 2.5% of the whole building’s energy
  • Choice of low embodied materials in design of structural elements and reusable existing caisson to decrease construction carbon emissions

Water Use

  • Above 50% potable water saving through the use of water efficient fitments
  • Use of low flow dual-flush flushing fitment decreases effluent discharge by over 40%
  • A 70% irrigation demand reduction can be achieved by adopting adaptive species, efficient drip-type irrigation and use of a rainwater recycling system

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Fresh air is increased by 30% in all normally occupied areas
  • High performance air filtration devices control indoor air quality at a good level or above

Innovations and Additions

  • Electric vehicle chargers cover 100% parking space
  • The first Trigeneration system in any Hong Kong commercial building for normal use, makes use of B100 bio-diesel converting from 100% food waste to convert waste to energy


One Taikoo Place , the latest prestigious office redeveloped from the old Somerset House of Swire Properties, launched the transformation and re-establishment of Taikoo Place commercial district into a more sustainable and liveable office campus, as well as a focal point for the neighbouring community. Echoed with Swire Properties’ Sustainable Development vision of SD2030, One Taikoo Place’s mission is to build the 48-storey skyscraper ahead of its time in terms of employing the latest sustainable innovations for the highest energy efficient performance, with a low carbon impact, and moving towards wellness and digitalisation.

What distinguishes One Taikoo Place is the aspiration to be one of the foremost sustainable office developments in Hong Kong. Our buildings are designed for the health and well-being of the occupants. Air cleaning by carbon filter, high-grade bag filters and UV lamps at AHUs bring exemplary air quality in the most time efficient space for the good of our occupants’ health. More outdoor exposure for fitness and social connections are significant to well-being while living in city.  Large open spaces with dense foliage and water features create additional thermal comfort to the outstanding urban landscape where residents, workers and visitors can relax, exercise, meet and mingle. One Taikoo Place development connects to streetscapes and extends the sustainable lifestyle beyond to other neighbourhoods at the weekend market.

From a building management perspective, One Taikoo Place is Hong Kong’s first-ever AI-enabled smart building which embodies IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing and AI technology into an innovative Neuron console. Arup’s Neuron Digital Platform consolidates data from disparate building equipment to uncover hidden patterns, and to customize insights in resolving engineering problems. Building of AI machine learning models quickly helps people adapt to environmental changes and learn the best configuration combinations. The automated analysis process facilitates preventive maintenance, and operators can easily monitor and operate complicated systems like the chiller plant, saving their labour input. The system also improves energy efficiency without sacrificing the comfort level of tenants and visitors.

With such outstanding performance, One Taikoo Place is notably the first project in Asia which achieved WELL v1 Core & Shell Final Platinum, with industry-wide recognition as the Winner of the ‘CIC Sustainable Construction Award 2018’, ‘Sustainability Achievement of the Year’ – RICS Award 2019 and the Grand Award for Commercial Building of the Green Building Award 2019, that expressed the team’s efforts on sustainability.

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