Chai Wan Government Complex and Vehicle Depot

  • Chai Wan Government Complex and Vehicle Depot

New Buildings V2.0
Provisional Platinum

Overall Score

This project is a multi-storey development at a “Government, Institution or Community” site of about 7 000 square metres (m2) abutting on Sheung Tat Street, Sheung Mau Street and Sheung On Street in Chai Wan for the construction of the Complex under the concept of single site with multiple uses. The site is used for reprovisioning the existing facilities and providing additional facilities for five government departments, namely the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD), the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), the Government Logistics Department (GLD) and the Government Laboratory (GL).

Project aims to achieve the People-centric Design and promote long-term sustainability with enhancing the well-being of the city and its citizens. To improve the staff enjoyment and make use of the natural sitting of the building, landscape corridors with horizontal and vertical greening are provided to bring vibrancy and liveliness to the dull and monotonous vibe of Chai Wan Industrial neighborhood.

BEAM Plus NB V2.0 Provisional Assessment Certificate – Platinum Rating is achieved. Energy saving strategy is widely adopted in the project including motion sensors for lighting control, nano reflectors, LED luminaires and etc. PowerBoxTM is installed to monitor the electricity consumption of building services installations. Innovative features are also adopted for smart operation, safety enhancement, energy optimization and improvement of service quality.

During the construction phase, we endeavor to achieve waste management and pollution control such as adopting excavated soil for backfilling, material recycle cargo, reused formwork as lateral support.

Green Features

Integrated Design and Construction Management

  • Measures to reduce construction site pollution such as AMPD Entertainer for Tower Crane Operation

  • Use of BIM among design teams, construction teams, scheduling, cost, and facility management team

  • Couple with unique platform as quality control

Sustainable Sites

  • Extensive roof greenery and vertical greening

  • Low profile lighting design at external area that does not create unwanted light pollution to the surroundings

  • Building design satisfy applicable items under HKPSG Urban Design Guideline

Materials and Waste

  • Extensive use of precast elements

  • Adopts sustainable forest product

  • Adopt CIC Carbon Assessment Tool for Life Cycle analysis

Energy Use

  • Passive building design including light well, greenery building envelope, permeable building façade to allow natural ventilation in carpark area

  • EV charging enabling for parking spaces

  • Adoption of Hybrid solar system (PVT)

Water Use

  • Adopt efficient water flow device

  • Rainwater recycling system for irrigation water

  • Smart irrigation system

Health and Wellbeing

  • Fresh air provision better than relevant requirement

  • Acoustic design for sound reverberation, noise isolation and background noise

  • Air quality monitoring in carpark area

Innovations and Additions

  • Application of MiC and MiMEP

Project Details

Completion Year 2024
Number of Blocks One block
Number of Storeys 8-storeys
Type Government, Institutional and Community
Total Site Area 7,010 sqm

Project Team

Developer Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
Project Manager Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
Architect Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects Ltd
Sustainable Design Consultant AECOM Asia Ltd.
Environmental Consultant AECOM Asia Ltd.
C&S Engineer AECOM Asia Ltd.
M&E Engineer AECOM Asia Ltd.
Landscape Architect Urbis Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor C.S. Toh & Sons & Associates Ltd.
Main Contractor Yau Lee Construction Co. Ltd.

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