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Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant (YLEPP) is one of Drainage Services Department’s iconic projects that will adopt the most advanced sewage treatment technologies and features green design and community provisions.  Portion of the plant will be transformed into public co-use area.  These will serve as a medium, educating and promoting the public on sustainability.  Treated sewage effluent shall be reused to reduce water consumption within the site.  The biogas from treatment process are harvested to act as fuel for the combined heat and power system.  Large areas of photovoltaic panels are installed on the building roof to maximize the use of limited land in YLEPP.  Together with new community co-use provisions, reuse of effluent and renewable energy systems, YLEPP aims to recreate a public image on sewage treatment plants and seamlessly implement it into a local neighbourhood environment.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Apply mitigation measures to reduce air, noise and water pollution during construction
  • Disposition of buildings and provision of shades to provide a pleasant microclimate
  • Use of pervious material in over 50% of hard landscaped area
  • Greenery areas in over 30% of total assessment area

Materials Aspects

  • Use of recycled construction materials
  • Use of sustainable sources / recycled timber for timber and composite timber
  • Use of materials manufactured locally to reduce the environmental impacts arising from transportation
  • Recycle of construction waste
  • Provision of facilities for the collection, sorting and disposal of waste and recoverable materials

Energy Use

  • Offset energy consumption within the building by using renewable energy systems to generate electricity (Photovoltaic panels and combined heat and power system)
  • Use of high-efficiency air conditioning

Water Use

  • Use of water efficient device to reduce the consumption of fresh water
  • Use of appropriate flushing devices to reduce sewage volumes

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Provision of access for persons with disability in Administration Building
  • Provision of amenity features (e.g. Store Room, Changing and Shower Room) to enhance building functionality
  • Plumbing and drainage design to reduce the potential for transmission of harmful bacteria viruses and odours
  • Use of lighting sensor to provide appropriate lighting provisions in occupied spaces

Innovations and Additions

  • Use of BIM technology to improve coordination between stakeholders
  • Use of twin tank system for both potable and flushing water systems to ensure continual water supply during tank cleaning


Project Background

The existing Yuen Long Sewage Treatment Works (YLSTW), was commissioned in 1984 with a design capacity of 70,000 m³/day provides secondary level treatment to sewage catchment from Yuen Long area such as Wang Chau, Yuen Long Industrial Estate, the Yuen Long Town and Kam Tin. Due to future needs, the existing YLSTW will be upgraded to Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant (YLEPP) with tertiary treatment level and increased capacity from 70,000m³/day to 150,000m³/day in 2 stages. The discharge standard will be enhanced from the implementation of the project.


During the design stage, YLEPP had been taken into consideration to design for sustainability and to reduce the environmental impact of buildings throughout their life cycle. Through strategic planning of layout, careful selection of material, promotion of efficient energy use, maximization of water utilization and reduction of effluent, improvement of indoor environmental quality, and adoption of BIM technology, YLEPP buildings were able to adopt sustainability into the design and thus reached the BEAM Plus platinum rating.

Project Details

Completion Year 2026
Number of Blocks 2
Number of Storeys 3
Type Government, Institutional and Community

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner Drainage Services Department, HKSAR Government
Project Manager AECOM Asia Company Limited
Architect Ida&Billy Architects Ltd.
Landscape Architect Gravity Green Limited
M&E Engineer AECOM Asia Company Limited
C&S Engineer AECOM Asia Company Limited
Quantity Surveyor AECOM Asia Company Limited
Sustainable Design Consultant AECOM Asia Company Limited
Environmental Consultant AECOM Asia Company Limited
Facility Manager Drainage Services Department, HKSAR Government
Main Contractor Paul Y. — CREC Joint Venture
Main Contractor The Jardine Engineering Corporation, Limited

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