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The Peak Galleria is located at 118 Peak Road, The Peak. Located at Hong Kong’s top visitor attraction, the premises is a shopping and dining complex with a gross floor area of 12,446 square meters. Famous for its Art Deco architectural features, the premises provides five floors of retail spaces and two basement floors of car parking spaces. It not only features a full array of local and international specialty stores and restaurants but also a host of environmentally friendly facilities.

Green Features

The project team endeavors to achieve BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 1.1 Gold Rating by adopting practices making reference to all relevant guidelines in the daily operation and maintenance of the premises.


What are the motivations to go “green”?

As a top-tier property developer in Hong Kong and mainland China, Hang Lung Properties is dedicated to embed sustainability in the Company’s business operation. The Group is guided by “We Do It Right” principle, it has been the consistent aim of the Company to align the standards of its buildings with international best practices, so as to generate long-term and sustainable interests for both the Company and the wider community.

What are the major strategies to earn the credits and achieve the BEAM Plus rating?

Hang Lung Properties’ business model, Build to Own and Build to Last, remains the ethos under which we design, construct and operate our properties. It has a strong commitment on sustainability. The concept of sustainability is deeply ingrained in the business operations. A number of green practices have been implemented in the daily operation of The Peak Galleria so as to align with the required standards. In the aspect of energy saving, energy audit, system enhancement plan, regular system inspection, etc. have been conducted. More energy saving water-cooled chillers and water efficient devices are also installed to replace the old systems for enhancing the efficiency of Water Use. Regular renewals of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certification and Quality Water Recognition Scheme for Building demonstrate the quality indoor environment of the premises. Further strengthening of the site and the system operation practice, adoption of environmental purchasing and waste management allow the premises to fulfill the required standards in Site Aspects and Materials Aspects.

What are the main obstacles during the certification process? And how would you tackle them?

The Peak Galleria was designed and built in the 1990s. The existing building may not be able to match the quality building criteria nowadays. Hang Lung Properties tackle this issue by:

  • Replacing the air-cooled chiller with more efficient water-cooled chiller and re-conduct water balancing.
  • Replacing the old water devices with more efficient ones.
  • Replacing of building roof insulation materials with CFC and HCFC free materials.
  • Adding waste sorting chamber and provision of odor removal system.


Apart from the BEAM Plus rating, what do you consider the key project success? What are the expectation for the future users of the building?

Apart from the BEAM Plus rating, the key project success such as IAQ to enhance the comfortable environment to the tenants, visitors and working staff in the building is also achieved for our target in saving energy and resources to go “green”. The expectation for the future users of the building is to promote the green concept in setting up guidelines and assisting for environment protection in terms of energy saving.

Any other contents you would like to include in the Stories:

In order to further promote green message in the premises, a Green Terence is set up on Level 3 of The Peak Galleria with a number of environmentally friendly facilities on display such as wind turbine, solar panel system, sunlight sensor canvas, etc. Group visit to these facilities is available by advanced reservation every Sunday. Environmental ambassador will introduce these green features, allowing visitors especially children to have a hands-on experience on implementing green practices in daily life.

Project Details

Completion Year 2015
Number of Blocks 1
Type Commercial

Project Team


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