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The rating was valid in 2012-2017.

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The Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong SoHo is located at No.83 of Jervois Street and is bounded by Jervois Street, Cleverly Street, Burd Street and in very close proximity to the existing commercial building. The development comprised of the design and construction of a hotel building with 274 guest rooms, function rooms, restaurant, carpark, back-of-house operation area to the requirement of the hotel operator IHG’s requirement.  The work includes piling foundation, sheet piling, superstructure, E&M and finishing works.

The hotel is the first high rise building (hotel) achieved four platinum or equivalent of green awards –
(1) BEAM Plus by Hong Kong Green Building Council,
(2) LEED by US Green Building Council,
(3) BCA Green Mark by The Building and Construction Authority, Singapore and
(4) Green Building Design Label (3-Star) by China Green Building Council.

Green Features

The Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong SoHo hotel is situated in Sheung Wan, the heart of the commercial centre in Hong Kong. The project commenced in 2009 and opened in September 2013. The project site area is 612 square metres with a total Gross Floor Area of 9,496 square metres. It consists of 37 storeys and 274 guest rooms.

This hotel project sets out as an integrated green and sustainable building design participated by the developer, architect, engineers, special consultants and construction team. The hotel’s design and construction is "Green" concerned and oriented on sustainability, carbon emission reduction, water & energy efficiency, atmosphere optimization, material and resources consideration, indoor environmental quality performance with a number of innovative ideas on energy optimization solution and sustainable practices. The result is an overall energy saving of 58.5% over EMSD HK hotel energy consumption benchmark (EMSD, 2000). The green achievements of the hotel project are listed as below.


  • Optimized daylight for guest rooms and reduced heat load entering the building from West direction, and reduced the demand for air-conditioning.
  • Reduced the wastage and resources.
  • Minimized the heat island effect by reducing the heat absorbed from the building facade.
  • Reduced on-site construction waste, labor costs and air pollutants.


Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning System

  • The result is an overall energy saving of 35% to the chiller system.
  • Measured status of occupancy to meet the needs and comfort of the occupants.
  • Automated facilities management system to reduce reaction time.


Electrical System

  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures.
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting when natural light is adequate to save energy.
  • Charged nickel cadmium batteries are then used during night time.


Lift System

  • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) motor drive required 80% less starting current than the conventional lift motors.


Plumbing and Hot Water Supply System

  • Saved significant amount of energy for hot water system.
  • Re-used water for irrigation purposes.


Innovative Design and Techniques

  • Saved 13% on lift energy consumption while maintaining the safety standards as required by local regulations.
  • Power consumption of iFCU reduced by 80% at low speed, and the motor’s operating temperature rise reduced by 90%.
  • Reduced energy consumed for the entire guest room when guests are sleeping.
  • Dimmed lights and reduced air-conditioning when body movement is not captured to reduce energy consumption.
  • StarfonTM produced from recycled concrete of non‐toxic and low carbon dioxide.

  • 1/F, Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
  • +852 3994 8888
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