Construction of a Special School for Student with Mild, Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities in Area 108, Tung Chung

  • Hong Chi Shiu Pong Morninghope School – Main entrance

  • Hong Chi Shiu Pong Morninghope School – Side view

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This project is to construct a new special school with boarding facilities for students with mild, moderate and severe intellectual disabilities in Area 108, Tung Chung to cater for students with special educational needs in the Islands District.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • The percentage of roof area covered by greenery and or material that has a high Solar Reflectance Index is more than 50% to minimize the impact of heat island effect.
  • None of the selected measurement points will exceed an average “hourly mean wind speed” of 4.0 m/s.
  • Conducting AVA for different design schemes to assess the air ventilation impacts of the proposed development on the site and its adjacent areas. 

Materials Aspects

  • Non-CFC based refrigerant are used.
  • More than 85% regionally manufactured materials are used in the project.
  • Over 10% of outside surface works and structures made are from recycled materials. 

Energy Use

  • Educational Building has saved more than 30% energy as compare to BEAM Plus baseline.
  • High efficient air conditioning system, Heat Recovery System, daylighting sensor and LED lighting are applied in the buildings. 

Water Use

  • Above 20% water saving though the use of high efficient and low flow devices.
  • More than 45% of fresh water can be saved by harvesting rainwater. 

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Fresh air is increased by at least 30% for all normally occupied areas.
  • Adoption of low VOC paints and coatings.
  • Achieved Good Class Level in Indoor Air Quality Certificate Scheme

Innovations and Additions

  • Twin Tank is provided to ensure continual water supply when one of the compartments is being cleaned. 

Project Details

Number of Blocks 2
Number of Storeys One block with 1-storey and one block with 3-storeys
Type Government, Institutional and Community

Project Team


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