• Yan Tin Estate, Tuen Mun

  • Main Entrance

  • High Green Ratio Design

  • Leisure Landscape Space

  • Community Farm on Roof

  • Communal Play Area

  • Good Ventilated Pedestrian Street

  • Sun-shaded pocket space

  • Rooftop Grid-connected Photovoltaic (PV) System

  • Overview of Domestic Blocks

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Final Gold

Overall Score

Yan Tin Estate is situated near Tsing Lun Road at Tuen Mun Area 54, comprising five domestic blocks ranging from 33 to 38 storeys.

Village fabric and pastoral greening were part of the main design theme of Yan Tin Estate to complement the surrounding environment. In site planning, a pedestrian street connecting the main pedestrian entrance running from the east to the west serves as the major connection through the neighourhood spaces, while vibrance of street activities were enhanced with the provision of street shops, restaurants, kindergarten, lawn and sitting areas.

Besides, landscaped open spaces, various kinds of play equipment and ball courts, and social welfare facilities, shopping centre, a wet market and carpark are provided for daily necessities and services of the residents

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Approximately 31.2% greenery is provided which positively contribute to the overall ecological value of the site
  • Pervious materials for approximately 54.9% of hard landscaped areas to manage stormwater
  • Air Ventilation Assessment and computational fluid dynamics simulation are conducted for improvement on air ventilation 
  • Roof materials meeting SRI 78 covering approximately 73% of the total roof area to minimize the contribution to heat island effects

Materials Aspects

  • Modular and standardized components in building with approximately 27% prefabricated building elements including facades, staircases, slabs and partition walls
  • 100% of timber and composite timber products are from sustainable source
  • Approximately 55.5% construction materials were manufactured within 800km from the site

Energy Use

  • Passive design of the building to save energy as compared to the Building Energy Code
  • Overall OTTV for this portion of the development is 17.1W/m2 approximately
  • Development of renewable energy for public facilities by installation of photovoltaic system
  • Over 47% of electricity saving by adopting energy efficient lighting

Water Use

  • Water efficient devices adopted to achieve 21.2% approximately of annual water saving and 39.8% approximately reduction in effluent discharge volumes
  • With the adoption of grey water treatment system, approximately 99.5% of the freshwater needed for irrigation is saved.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Provisions for hygiene and amenity features for enhanced quality and functionality of the development
  • Acoustics is adequately considered in the design and construction stages for residents’ well-being
  • Optimizing natural lighting and ventilation to residential flat units through simulation studies

Innovations and Additions

  • Two-level lighting control to conserve energy
  • Twin Tank are provided for both potable water tanks and flushing water tanks
  • Installation of Multi-sensory Map which is further enhanced from Barrier Free Access

Project Details

Completion Year 2017/2018
Number of Blocks 5 Residential Blocks, a Commercial Centre and Carpark Block
Number of Storeys Chun Tin House - 35 floors (34 floors + G/F)
Yat Tin House - 34 floors (33 floors + G/F)
Hei Tin House - 38 floors (37 floors + G/F)
Yuet Tin House - 39 floors (38 floors + G/F)
Luk Tin House - 38 floors (37 floors + G/F)
Commercial Centre - 2 floors
Carpark Block - 1 floor
Type Residential

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