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  • Building Elevation

  • Preservation of Tree at Estate Entrance

  • Preservation of Tree at Central Courtyard

  • Landscape Terrace

  • Retail Block

  • Stepped Planters

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Overall Score

Long Shin Estate is located at Au Tau, Yuen Long, and was formerly occupied by Au Tau departmental Quarters. The development consists of three site specific blocks with retail facilities including a supermarket, a cafeteria, a convenience store, a self-service bank, a village square, a basketball court, community farm, community gardens, play areas and landscape terraces provide altogether 1207 domestic flats.

To optimize the site potential, the village square at the North end of the site and the landscape terrace; and the external staircase and the stepped planters along the slope at the East part of the site are designed based on the existing topography in order to maintain the natural site profile. The village square which is opened up to the Yau Shin Street provides an open space for leisure and festive activities. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow within the site are segregated as far as practicable. Refuse collection facilities are located at the far southern corner to minimize nuisance to tenants.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Conducting AVA for different options of building form and simulation to ascertain the wind amplification effect
  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the minimum impact of the development on neighbourhood daylight access
  • Consideration of surrounding conditions to meet Urban Design Guidelines in HKPSG
  • Reduced light pollution
  • Green construction practices

Materials Aspects

  • Using sustainable timber products

Energy Use

  • Passive design of the building to save energy as compared to the relevant APP and BEC
  • Use of renewable energy by installation of photovoltaic system
  • Analyzed embodied energy of building materials with LCA tool

Water Use

  • Using water efficient device to save annual water consumption of 21.6%
  • Using water efficient sanitary fixtures to reduce annual effluent discharge of 42.2%

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the background ventilation
  • Providing adequate ventilation in common areas

Innovations and Additions

  • Multi-Sensory Map
  • Two Level Lighting Control System
  • Concrete Hard Paved in Site

Project Details

Completion Year 2016
Number of Blocks 3 residential blocks
Number of Storeys Shin leung House: 16, Shin Oi House: 20 & Shin Yung House: 16
Type Residential

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