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Energy Use

Sun Hung Kai Centre is an elite Grade A office skyscraper located at the center of Wan Chai commercial district. It is 215 meters tall, consisting of 53 floors. As the headquarters of Hong Kong’s leading developer, Sun Hung Kai Properties, the building was first completed in 1981.

Putting into practice its long standing belief -Building Homes with Hearts, Sun Hung Kai Centre is dedicated to providing the finest quality and first class service. To uphold that belief, the creation of a sustainable future is paramount. Contribution to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development has been incorporated into daily practice. Integrating the corporate culture of Quality, Speed, Efficiency in the planning, material sourcing, construction and property management of the building ensures that superlative services are produced within the shortest feasible time with the most efficient use of resources. Keeping up with the times and latest market trends, innovative technologies and ideas are also emphasized.


Motivations to Go “Green”

Sun Hung Kai Centre's core corporate culture of Quality, Speed and Efficiency provides top quality services, within the shortest feasible time, with the most efficient resources. It incorporates sustainable and environmental protection practices in alignment with the Paris Agreement signed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). To reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a worldwide goal. As a subsidy of Sun Hung Kai Properties, a leading developer in Hong Kong, S.H.K. Real Estate Management Company Ltd. bears the social responsibility to contribute towards this goal and to benefit society and the environment.  

Strategies to Achieve BEAM Plus Grading

Sun Hung Kai sees the achievement of BEAM Plus grading and enhanced sustainability as a combination of art and science. BEAM Plus helps us to define goals, develop action plans and showcase “green” performance.

Energy efficient technology utilized includes:

  1. Intelligent Building Automation;

To use less energy and reduce CO₂ emissions with high control accuracy.

  1. Variable air volume (VAV) system;

To enable individual adjustment of room temperature at the time it’s needed and to avoid the energy waste of any overcooling or overheating.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT);

To obtain a large amount of data with a cloud-based system for analysis, consuming minimal energy.

To present the data and arrive at conclusions, we record and analyze the electricity consumption, do project base studies and have a systematic document control following the criteria of the Energy Management System.

Main Obstacles of Sustainable Practices

As a 40-year-old building, earning all the credits of BEAM Plus is not as easy to Sun Hung Kai Centre as some other younger buildings. The existing automation system was no longer compatible with today’s operations. Moreover, energy efficiency has become very popular since the late 90s. To keep up with the times and worldwide trend, Sun Hung Kai Centre took the initiative to implement a comprehensive self-monitoring system, retro-commissioning, which identified and corrected the building deficiencies for optimum energy use and hence lower energy bills, improve indoor environment and reduce carbon footprint. The cost saved can fund the development of other sustainability schemes such as modernizing existing lifts, food waste recycling program etc. To encourage all levels of employees to offer ideas on improving the quality and efficiency of operations, an Innovative Suggestion Scheme Competition is organized every year. Environmental training is also regularly provided to tenants and employees of different levels with the aim of turning their environmental awareness into individual action.

Key Project Success

BEAM Plus acknowledges our sustainability performance relating to planning, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Sun Hung Kai Centre. Being certified by BEAM Plus benefits different parties. The owner and the management can adopt BEAM Plus as an established benchmark to recognize and continue the “green” practice of Sun Hung Kai Centre and to create a strong narrative to pitch to potential international tenants. Tenants can use BEAM Plus as a trusted source when evaluating the building. As a major influential skyscraper in Hong Kong, achieving BEAM Plus grading allows Sun Hung Kai Centre to serve as a role model to contribute to the well-being of the society and the environment.

Green Features

Energy Use

  • Indirect seawater-cooled central chiller plant
  • Optimization of automatic chiller plant control to maximize the coefficient of performance of chillers
  • Variable speed chilled water pumps and condensing water pumps
  • Computerized Power meter system for continuous energy management with real-time statistics
  • Energy efficient LED lighting was applied in common area, lobbies and staircases Replacement of New Heat Exchangers in 2019

Project Details

Completion Year 1981
Number of Blocks 1
Number of Storeys 53
Type Office

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd
Architect David woo+ associates Ltd
Landscape Architect Hirsch Bedner & Associates Ltd
M&E Engineer Drake & Scull (Hong Kong) Ltd Sun Hung Kai Engineering Company Ltd
C&S Engineer H.K.Cheng and associates Consulting Engineers & Architects
Facade Consultant Kawneer Company Inc.


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