• Hysan Place demonstrates Hysan’s commitment to find greener solutions for all our buildings and Causeway Bay as a whole.

  • Skylights at different floors of Hysan Place maximize sunlight penetration.

  • Mixed-mode ventilation on office floors by operable vents.

  • Harnessing solar energy for electricity

  • GreenFest by Hysan: Hong Kong’s very first sustainability festival for youth

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A Commitment to Green and Healthy Buildings

As property owners, we’re committed to ensuring our buildings meet the highest environmental standards and support the health and productivity of our occupants. Hysan Place received the BEAM Plus Platinum rating, Hong Kong’s rating tool for green buildings, and was the first mixed-use office and vertical mall complex in Greater China to be awarded the globally recognized LEED Platinum rating for Core and Shell by the United States Green Building Council. It was also a winner in the Urban Land Institute’s Global Awards of Excellence. In addition to the green credentials, we ensure our buildings offer environments that support the health and wellness of their occupants. We continue to carefully consider aspects such as air quality, light, and ambience to improve overall satisfaction, productivity, and comfort.

Green Features

 • GREEN roofs reduce building temperatures, cutting energy consumed by air conditioning, and help avoid the urban heat island effect. There are four different green roofs at Hysan Place: Sky Garden on the fourth floor, an al fresco dining area on the seventh, urban wetlands managed by Hysan on the 16th floor and an organic urban farm on the rooftop.
Operable vents allow tenants to bring in fresh air instead of having year-round air conditioning.
Greywater systems treat our wastewater from office floors through the wetlands and reuse it for irrigation and floor washing.
Solar system offers electricity from renewable energy sources.

There’s a social aspect to the green efforts, too. Workshops are held in the rooftop organic farm, and stakeholder tours take visitors through the green features. Hysan also raises environmental and sustainable awareness through events like Greenfest by Hysan, which includes online and offline panel discussions, workshops, demonstrations and talks, with a younger generation focus.


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