• Oblique-oriented towers not only avoid overlooking with adjacent premises, it also alleviates direct noise impact from surrounding roads.

  • Thanks to the terraced podium, more than 20% of the site is covered with green despite that the site is less than 1 ha.

  • Terraces at podium are inter-connected visually and physically with barrier-free ramps, staircases and lifts system.

  • Terraced podium is a place for daily enjoyment of the residents and which are interconnected with all-weather walkways.

  • Landscaped podium at SE visually connects to the internal courtyard located at NW at upper terrace through the purposely raised towers and forming a breezeway corridor.

  • Podium embraced by RCHE located at NW terrace is designated as internal courtyard, which is a comfortable sitting out area both for enjoying summer breeze and as a venue to cultivate community cohesiveness.

  • All-weather children play area is located at a cozy corner in the podium where any time could be play-time.

  • Entrance to the estate is setback to form a widened junction at Kwai Yi Road for place-making as well as facilitating pedestrian flow.

  • Various community facilities are provided in the estate to serve both the residents and the public, including Multi-purposed Venue and Boarding and Alighting Bay.

New Buildings V1.2
Final Platinum

Overall Score

This Public Rental Housing Development comprises of 2 mid-rise residential blocks on top of a 2-storey podium. It is located at Kwai Chung Road and the site was formerly known as the Kwai Chung Police Married Quarters. A Residential Care Home for the Elderly, an Integrated Family Services Centre, an Estate Management Office, a Multi-Purpose Venue and ancillary parking are provided for the development.

The Landscaped area and residents’ public recreational spaces are generally located on top of the podium, and are shield from the busy traffic of Kwai Chung Road.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the wind amplification effect
  • Conducting AVA for different options of building form
  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the minimum impact of the development on neighbourhood daylight access

Materials Aspects

  • Using sustainable timber products

Energy Use

  • Passive design of the building to save energy as compared to the relevant APP and BEC
  • Use of renewable energy by installation of photovoltaic system

Water Use

  • Using water efficient device to save annual water consumption of 21.9%
  • Using water efficient sanitary fixtures to reduce annual effluent discharge of 20.8%

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Conducting simulation to ascertain the background ventilation
  • Providing adequate ventilation in common areas
  • Provisions to reduce background noise and indoor vibration to sensitive receivers

Innovations and Additions

  • Multi-Sensory Map
  • Two Level Lighting Control System
  • Concrete Hard Paved in Site

Project Details

Completion Year 2018
Number of Blocks 2
Number of Storeys Bik Tsui House: 25 (incl. Podium)
Luk Tsui House: 24 (incl. Podium)
Type Residential

Project Team


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