Office of Municipal Sector Division of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

  • Office of Municipal Sector Division of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

  • Green Wall with Corporate Logo

  • Office Reception with Green Feature

  • Wireless LED Lighting system with daylight and occupancy sensors

  • Staff Caring - K Room

  • Utilization of Daylight in Open-plan Office

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The new office of Municipal Sector Division of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department is located at 39/F of Skyline Tower, Kowloon Bay. It adopted a refreshing and vibrant style combined with passive design strategies, including open plan design with over 75% of workstations with direct sightline to the windows, extensive use of recycled and rapidly renewable building materials and complementary match of iconic indoor planting. Excellent IAQ and pleasant indoor environment are achieved with real time energy and IAQ monitoring.

Green Features

The office was designed with various sustainable features in order to achieve the green objectives. Some major green features of the renovation works are highlighted as follows:
• Modular design materials
• Adopting rapidly renewable and recycled materials, which are regionally and environmentally manufactured, for flooring, ceiling, wall and door to achieve carbon reduction
• MVAC system with strategic zoning and thermostat distribution
• Wireless LED Lighting system for optimal installations with less materials
• Daylight and occupancy sensors for automatic dimming control
• Auto sensors for regulating water supplies in the pantry
• Real Time Energy Monitoring with power sub-metering
• Iconic Green Wall and Indoor Planting
• Compliance of Excellent IAQ class with real time IAQ monitoring


Project team embraced the green commitment of EMSD, in line with government policy, on environmental conservation and energy saving. The team applied green concepts and incorporated green elements into the new office design from planning stage in late 2020. The team collected functional requirements of all kinds from users to come up with innovative designs satisfying most users’ requirements. The innovative office design brought MunSD collaborative and caring work environment; and greenery achievement as per the rating system of Beam Plus Interiors. Throughout the process, the team took comprehensive approach to achieve green objectives by adopting new technologies, sustainable materials and eco-friendly operation and maintenance to transform the project site into a refreshing and vibrant green workplace.

The team strived to offer a cozy and pleasant indoor environment that could cope with the different needs of the occupants and visitors with the provision of green walls, iconic indoor planting, IoT fitness bicycle, waiting areas, a library, a well-equipped pantry, collaborative areas and a caring room. The team was also prone to apply new technologies to enhance office operations. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors were widely adopted for remote monitoring of power usage and chilled water flow meters through Government Wide IoT Network (GWIN). Through an integrated online dashboard, the team could have a glimpse of real-time energy consumption for different energy systems, including air-conditioning and lighting systems. Those real-time energy data could facilitate new office management as well as energy optimization through regular review.

On the other hand, the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of the new office demonstrated the compliance of Excellent class under the IAQ Certification Scheme by the Environmental Protection Department, providing a healthy indoor environment for users. The office was also installed with IoT Indoor ambience monitoring sensors to provide real-time IAQ monitoring on various parameters including temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and TVOCs. Real-time IAQ monitoring data were also available in the same integrated online dashboard for continual energy monitoring.

The BEAM Plus Platinum rating recognized the team’s efforts in the remarkable and innovative designs with high proficiency of works and high standard of deliverables to bring a collaborative work environment in the new office with greenery achievement.

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