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New Buildings V1.2
Provisional Platinum

Link Asset Management Limited  
Nan Fung Development Limited

The Quayside is a new grade A office-cum-retail development situated in the Kowloon Bay Action Area in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, with a total GFA of approximately 82,000m2. The project envisions a welcoming, healthy, and sustainable office architecture in the heart of Kowloon East, where accordingly to the vision of Energizing Kowloon East Office, the once industrial neighborhood would become a green and highly livable CBD of Hong Kong.  In line with the community's visionary future, this project advocates a delightful balance between optimal user experience and community engagement, and a harmonic design vision that encompasses concepts of commercial viability and environmental responsibility. 

Green Features

The project implemented various strategies in order to achieve the design goals – Sustainable Building, Healthy Building and Connected to Community.

Functionally, the project aims at the making of healthy through appropriate use of shading devices and maximum views and natural light. 

Socially, the public podium garden for healthy exercises and outdoor relaxation consolidates the project's identity as an urban oasis, while its unique location at the pedestrian junction between downtown Kowloon Bay and the waterfront allow the building to stand in the public realm as a prominent advocate for a green community. 

Environmentally, the variety of green technologies and passive design strategies ensure the building's long term sustainability, and low energy consumption and carbon emission.

From building orientation and massing, diverse functional program, innovative technologies, landscape design, to the pursuit of work-life balance and community engagement, the project exemplifies an integrated design approach that involves seamless exchange and coordination among various design disciplines and the client in the making of an office architecture with optimal performances functionally, socially, and environmentally.

In 2016, the project has been pre-certified under the highest level of world-wide renowned sustainable frameworks including LEED-CS Pre-certification Platinum and BEAM Plus New Buildings V1.2 Provisional Platinum rating. Also, as one of the pioneers to address the building health issues in town, the project has been pre-certified as WELL-CS Gold, the leading healthy building label in the world.


The proposed Commercial Development is located in the Kwun Tong industrial district within the Kowloon Bay Action Area which is part of Hong Kong Government’s initiatives to transform it into a new Central Business District (CBD2). The new commercial development will provide 82,000m2 of office and retail areas to CBD2, comprised of Grade A offices, retail podium, basement carpark, a roof garden and podium sky garden.   

Architectural Design

The office tower is generally composed of two square towers turned 45° to form a connected twin-tower configuration to maximise views to the harbour and open space to the west of the site, whilst affording a maximum office floor space of over 4,000m2 to cater for multi-national corporation setups in HK.

Situated along the busy Kwun Tong by-pass, the architectural design draws upon the unique concept of “Urban Dynamics” inspired by fast moving vehicular movements on road networks surrounding the site. The office twin-tower and the retail podium are clad in a single 1500mm module of unitized curtain wall system to generate a fluid-dynamic form. Excessive solar heat gain is mitigated through the optimization of horizontal fins as passive shading design using advanced computer technology to generate localized shading requirements. As a result, the varying shapes and sizes of the horizontal fins across the different facades give the impression that the building never sits still as if it is moving with the sun. Combined with high performance glass, the Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of about 18W/m2 can be achieved, which is significantly lower than the code requirement of 24W/m2.

The Green Lung & Community’s Value

Given the polluted air, heat and noise generated from surrounding industrial buildings and busy road networks, The Quayside aspires to create a pleasant and desirable indoor environment, which addresses air quality and acoustics, while holding the vision of the project being a ‘green lung’ to its immediate environment. For example, per the design of site approach, building setbacks, public spaces, green walls and extensive landscaping, it creates buffer zones between the heavily trafficked roads and the development. These spaces not only act as “air purifiers” and “sound barriers”, but enhance the walkability for the neighborhood and enrich the pedestrian experience while adding values to the community.

Moreover, the innovative Air Induction Units (AIU), developed by Arup, with carbon filter and pollutant-reducing plants are proposed to enhance the air quality and thermal comfort in the podium gardens. To treat pollutants like nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and PM2.5, activated carbon filters are introduced in AIU and primary air units (PAU), while MERV13 and duct ionizers are included in air handling units (AHU). Filter replacement will be managed throughout operation as per WELL requirements.

A Work / Life Balance Approach to the Sustainability of Health

The sustainability of our own health is also important. Facilities like bicycles, jogging track and exercise area are designed on the 3/F podium sky garden to function as an outdoor recreational facility where people can escape the stress of day-to-day life.  An accessible stairs is provided with signage, enhanced lighting and artwork to encourage occupants to take the stairs instead of vertical transportation for minimizing energy consumption. Cycling amenities like bicycle parking and showers can encourage cycling for reducing transport energy. 

Making up 30% of the site area, gardens are interspersed at G/F event plaza, terraces on 1/F, 2/F, 11/F, 21/F, while the roof and 3/F podium are largely dedicated to greening.  It is always easy to find a pleasant place to relax and exercise within the building. 

Specially Designed for Hong Kong Humid Climate

Dehumidification system integrated with solar hot water panel is proposed. Specifically designed for Hong Kong context where it is humid for most of the year, the desiccant system can absorb the water moisture in the air and then regenerated using solar hot water. The renewable system generates energy equivalent to 2% of annual building consumption. Other implemented carbon reduction measures include VSD chillers, heat recovery system, LED lighting for office spaces, regenerative unit for lifts, etc. It is targeted to reduce carbon emission by 32%, compared to the BEC 2012 Baseline.  A detailed measurement and verification plan, testing and commissioning requirements, as well as having an independent commissioning agent will ensure the sustainable operations are maintained.

Sustainability Performance Sharing

Real-time data from electricity and water meters is converted into meaningful information for performance display in the lobby. Sharing of sustainability performance information and tips in a simple, real-time and interactive manner to occupants and visitors. Other information like health diet, exercise and community activities update will also be shared to raise users’ awareness.

Team’s Effort to Sustainability

At the project commencement stage, sustainability workshops were held to align all consultants and facilities manager to set up project KPI. These early engagement provide the project team with a clear and achievable goal so that everyone is able to contribute to the effort of environmental sustainability.


The Quayside is deeply rooted in various sustainability features as part of the overall architectural design in order to overcome unique challenges of the site regarding reduction of air pollution, heat gain, and noise level. The building targets to achieve the highest level of world-wide renowned sustainable frameworks including LEED and BEAM Plus. Also, as one of the pioneers to address the building health issues in town, the project will be assessed under WELL system, the leading healthy building label in the world.

Project Details

Completion Year 2019
Number of Blocks 2
Number of Storeys 21 & 3 basement floors
Type Commercial

Project Team

Project Developer / Owner Link Asset Management Limited & Nan Fung Development Limited
Project Manager Land Champion Limited (Subsidiary of Nan Fung Development Limited)
Architect P&T Architects and Engineers Limited
Interior Designer CL3 Architects Limited
Landscape Architect AECOM Asia Company Limited
M&E Engineer Parsons Brinckerhoff (Asia) Limited
Main Contractor Gammon Construction Limited
Quantity Surveyor Arcadis Hong Kong Limited
Sustainable Design Consultant Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Acoustic Consultant Shen Milsom & Wilke Limited
Structural Engineer AECOM Asia Company Limited
Traffic Consultant Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Façade and BMU Consultant Buro Happold Engineering Limited
Lighting Consultant LIGHTLINKS International Limited
Lease Consultant Knight Frank Petty Limited
Safety Consultant ASCC Limited

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