Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Site Formation and Infrastructure Works – Contract 6 (Sewage Treatment Plant)

  • Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Site Formation and Infrastructure Works – Contract 6 (Sewage Treatment Plant)

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New Buildings V1.2
Provisional Platinum

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This sewage treatment plant (STP) is developed by the CEDD and located in Heung Yuen Wai, New Territories near the border of the HKSAR. It is part of the future Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point (BCP). This STP is a single storey building designed to treat incoming sewage from the future BCP and the re-sited Chuk Yuen Village. The STP comprises pre-treatment and submerged membrane bioreactor processes to treat raw sewage to a high quality treated effluent for the reuse as irrigation water or discharge to Shenzhen River.  As the STP is an unmanned building, the future end user in Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works in Sheung Shui will remotely monitor and control the STP operation using the SCADA remote monitoring workstation system. This is the first STP project achieved Provisional Platinum rating under BEAM Plus New Buildings V1.2.

Green Features

Integrated with Neighbourhood

  • Fully consider physical and environmental aspects of surroundings to meet 100% of Urban Design Guidelines in HKPSG.
  • Hard and soft landscapes being maximized to strive for good habitat quality and surface runoff reduction to Shenzhen River.
  • Simulations demonstrated no effect on existing microclimates e.g. wind velocity, elevated temperature, air ventilation, neighbourhood daylight access, light pollution.

Green Building Materials

  • 80% of exterior surfacing works (vehicular roads, pedestrian pathways) will adopt recycled materials.
  • 87% of building materials extracted and manufactured within 800km from Hong Kong.
  • No CFC-based refrigerants serving AC systems and no ozone-depleting substances in thermal insulation materials for roof, pipework, ductwork.

High Energy Efficiency

  • With energy saving measures (high COP AC systems, LED lamps), the predicted annual energy saving of 16% (27,455kWh per year equivalent to 19 tonnes of CO2 emission).
  • PV panels to be installed to generate solar power equivalent to 21% of building footprint.

High Water Efficiency

  • Low water flow and flush fixtures to allow annual potable water saving of 41% and annual sewage volume reduction of 56% respectively.
  • Recycled greywater for irrigation to achieve 100% reduction of potable water consumption.
  • Leakage sensors and cables to check and alert whenever leakage of potable water occurred.

Enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality

  • The STP design to meet Good class of IAQ Certification Scheme for VOCs, formaldehyde and Radon.
  • Odour will be properly treated.
  • Interior lighting to ensure optimal illuminance.
  • Various amenities to facilitate future O&M, e.g. maintenance platform, lifting appliances, external staircase, SCADA, etc.


This project demonstrates the indispensable concept of sustainability design through the “Think Sustainability from the Project Commencement” approach for the reduction of energy use, carbon footprint and environmental impacts, along with achievement of the first STP achieving Provisional Platinum rating under BEAM Plus New Buildings V1.2 through a balanced approach recognizing sustainable design and sewage treatment plant best practices, but without compromising any areas of its operation or reliability. The sustainable operation of this green STP will continue its pioneered, innovative and excellent environmental performance to contribute to the betterment of the environment and play as a role model of sustainable development for future STP projects. 

Project Details

Completion Year 2018
Number of Blocks 1
Number of Storeys 1
Type Government, Institutional and Community

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