URA Project TKW/1/002 – Ma Tau Wai Road/ Chun Tin Street, Ma Tau Kok, Kowloon

  • Photo 1 - Podium Garden for Residents

  • Photo 2 - Artist Impression from Ma Tau Wai Road

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The project is located at Ma Tau Wai Road/ Hok Yuen Street/ Chun Tin Street. The Development consists of a 1-storey underground carpark, 4-storey podium containing commercial/ community facilities and two 29-storey residential blocks. In order to soften the podium massing and give a breath of fresh air to the surrounding city fabric, the podium is broken into two portions with footbridge linkage, creating an urban opening and a wind corridor for air movement across the site. The podium garden provides residents with a comfortable and enjoyable environment for communal activities (photo 1). In addition, the towers are raised up by transfer plates to facilitate air flow and enhance air movement for the surroundings (photo 2). The provision of low-E double glazing at tower façade and variety of green construction materials aim to provide residents with a sustainable way of living.

Green Features

Site Aspects

  • Maximize the greening area to 30% of the site coverage;
  • Provision of voids and wind corridor to allow air circulation across site;
  • Air and noise pollution is strictly controlled during construction;

Materials Aspects

  • Apply paving material with recycle content;
  • Use of sustainable forest product and recycled materials in the fitting-out works;
  • Selection of refrigerants with low contribution of ozone depletion and global warming potential and avoid using of ozone depleting substances;

Energy Use

  • High shading coefficient glazing and energy performance wall materials will be used, window to wall ratio is smaller than the baseline building on residential towers to save energy use;
  • High efficient AC equipment of split type and chiller will be provided;
  • BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) on cover walkway and PV panels on the top of the residential towers will be installed. The energy extracted from the BIPV/PV panels will contribute to the electricity supply of common areas in the development

Water Use

  • Water efficient sanitary devices will be used;
  • Rain harvesting and grey water recycling facilities will be provided, water recycled will be used for irrigation;

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Smart Living System will be installed in each flat unit which can provide real-time electricity, water & gas consumption and monitor the indoor air quality;
  • High performance base building services system and energy efficient appliances (e.g. Variable Speed Drive Chillers, Brushless DC motor for fan coil units) contribute to reduction in annual carbon emission and electricity demands;
  • Carpark will be provided with Electric Vehicle Chargers to encourage the use of electric vehicles to reduce air pollution by typical gasoline vehicles;

Innovations and Additions

  • Apply green roof system on certain inaccessible green roof. The product requires no watering, hence, the greenery can survive and grow with only rainwater irrigation. This can decrease the cost of maintenance and at same time reduces water consumption;
  • Smart metering for home energy and water consumption information - Energy/power meter, water flow meter (water stream type or ultrasonic type ~1% accuracy) and gas meter are adopted and their outputs will be displayed on video door phone for all residential flats to raise the awareness of residents;
  • Two-stage lighting - occupancy sensor, photocell sensor and timer control will be provided in the development to reduce unnecessary lighting usage to reduce energy consumption;
  • Twin tanks for potable and flushing water supply systems will be adopted to enhance the continuity of water supply during maintenance.

Project Details

Completion Year 2019
Number of Blocks 2 towers atop a podium
Number of Storeys 33 floors and 1 basement floor
Type Mixed Use

Project Team


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